is skinarena com legit?

Is Skinarena legit? One of the Oldest CS:GO Jackpot Websites

is skinarena com legit?

This is one of the oldest CS:GO jackpot themed gambling platforms and was one of the biggest to exist at the time being. The website has been there for a long time and shined especially when the jackpot was the by far most popular way of betting your Counter-Strike skins. Skinarena is certainly legit and has been proven so numerous times. Many big YouTubers have been playing on it, both sponsored and non-sponsored channels.

The pots are normally quite large and vary between 20-50 at night and can go crazy during the active hours often reaching multiple thousand dollars. There have not been any reports of missing payouts and winnings. I personally do also have some experience with the platform and I have nothing negative to say. The only thing you really need to keep in mind when playing on Skinarena is that when gambling at high activity hours your items might be placed in the queue and not deposited to the raffle instantly.

Some people do “sniping” where they try to deposit a lot of expensive high tier skins at the very last of the raffle. If queues happen and you try to do this, chances are you will be put in the next pot and another guy will come snipe you with even better items. Please be aware of this and remember – play responsibly.

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skinarena com bonuses promocode free skinsAs you might already know, there are two playable game modes here: raffle and coinflip. The raffle is basically just jackpot that you can play with skin but coinflip works with an online currency. Depositing items will award you with this currency that can then be used for coinflip and withdrawn for csgo skins. Using our Skinarena code C57CVLP6 will give you another 25 cents worth of coins which you can either withdraw or try to win more.

skinarena com bonus promo code free money


skinarena com fees commissions house edge

For each raffle played, 10% of the total value of that pot is taken as commission. 10 percentages are actually quite a lot for jackpot and one of the highest I have seen in a while which surprises me when thinking of the sizes these jackpots can hit. At the same time, the quality of the service here is also on the high level. Like in the real life – the better product will cost a bit more money.


cs go betting skinsSkinarena has a bunch of features but nothing too crazy. With only two game modes there is no room for a whole bunch of unique features. The best part, in my opinion, is the fast deposit method which you can access by clicking the box on the left. It will open up a cache based version of your inventory only showing you items that you can play with.

Souvenirs are not playable neither are skins worth less than 5 $, this is in order to avoid people spamming cases and p250 sand dunes. The only problem with the limitation is that pots often get so big that no poor users can actually afford to join the table with somewhat possible chances of winning.

Skinarena also hosts a lot of giveaways mostly on Twitter as well as on the site itself. Giveaways are often expensive knives or riffle skins such as Dragon Lore, M4 Howl or AK-Fire serpent.


skinarena com pros consPros
–    Very reputable and old site, one of the original CSGO jackpot based platforms
–    High jackpots for the high rollers, if you are planning to bet between a hundred and thousands of dollars worth of skins, Skinarena is the place to go
–    Very good giveaways with expensive items given out
–    Great support system, works well

–    Very high commission for jackpot
–    Pots are often so high that the average player has no chance of winning
–    The chat is quite frankly pretty boring and not a lot of people use it

I can guarantee you that Skinarena is not a scam, however, it is not a place to go for newcomers or people with smaller inventories as this is where the high rollers often play. A lot of other services generally have lower jackpots and lower fees as well so those might be better for you to start up with. As for the online currency, I would not suggest you have large sums of money here on the balance. It is always a nice idea to hold your items in your own inventory.

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