is ezskins com legit?

Is legit? Old and Reputable CS:GO Jackpot Service

is ezskins com legit? is an old CS:GO jackpot site and has been around for quite a while now. Because of unknown reasons, the platform had to shut down its service a while ago but it has lately relaunched and gained a lot of popularity. Many YouTubers such as WatchgamesTV has been sponsored by EZSkins and it is very active. There is a good reputation behind the brand and they are more than just a gambling service. The brand has had its own tier 3 semi-professional Counter Strike : Global Offensive team and done other stuff as well.

Despite the reasons being unknown, it was no controversial process of shutting down the platform some months ago as the owner was very open about it. Official statements were given, informing the players that anyone would get their balance cashed out. No one was left behind and everyone got what was rightfully theirs back.

It was originally only a jackpot site with an elite and silver pot depending on the size of your bet after they have relaunched the coinflip feature was added. One thing some people have been complaining about is the fact that the visual part of the roll is not always right. It happens that there is a bug in the appearance of the roll however it will never happen that the wrong person wins and therefore it might seem to land on one person while another user wins.

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ezskins com bonuses promocode free coinsSince EZSkins is all about the jackpot game there are no free coins to be gained. There is no online balance, you deposit items directly to the pot and therefore they do not have any way to give out free coins.


ezskins com fees commissions house edgeThere is quite a large pot fee on games played on, this includes Silver, Elite and Coinflip. For people with their name including service’s URL, a maximum of 7 percent of the total value of the pot will be taken as a house fee to pay for future giveaways and design updates.

For pots in which case the winner does not have the brand in his or her steam nickname, up till 9 percentage of the pot may be taken as a commission however if are no skins are below or equal to 9 percent of the total value, no commission will be taken. They will never take any higher than the given house fee.


cs go skins bets comes with a bunch of features but nothing very unique. For people having trouble reading English or simply finding it more comfortable reading their native language, the entire layout can be translated up towards 20 languages counting most European countries like France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, Germany, Scandinavia but also Russia and Chinese. There is a chat dedicated for almost whole language list.

Depending on your bankroll you have the choice to either enter Silver or Elite game. The Silver Jackpot is for deposit of up to 10 skins worth between $1 to $30, this is the most active of the two and where you should probably start if you are new to the site or playing with an average inventory.

One thing that is super effective is the online calculator tool, it is quite simple and just shows you the platform’s pricing of your weapon items before you are going to deposit them. Some services do not offer this feature making it risky to deposit rare skins as they might have been priced lower than their actual value. EZSkins do not care about patterns such as the case hardened Blue Gem or various phases of the doppler knives so please do not play with your expensive Karambit Ruby or AK-47 Blue Gem – you will not get the proper win conditions.

They offer a nice detailed “Statistics” page for all users, here you can see thing such as your overall profit or loss and biggest wins within each of the 3 playable games. You can also see previously won skins which is very nice in case you believe not all winnings have been sent to you. Items marked with a house are kept for the owners and will be funding new projects.


ezskins com pros consPros
–    Great reputation and high activity
–    Owners very reliable
–    Multiple game modes
–    Online pricing tool before depositing
–    Great statistics page
–    Dedicated chat for 13 languages

–    Pretty high house fee between 7 and 9 percentage
–    The visual part of a roll sometimes bugs out

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