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cs go legit skins betting site

This is another CS:GO themed wagering site. Scam Advisor lists it as one that should be visited with extreme caution. It only receives a 36% score here. The main reasons for this low score are because the server is based out of the Ukraine, which is considered a high-risk country for scams, the owner of the service has used free email accounts as the contact information and the website is less than 1 year old.

The owner has not used any type of privacy services to mask information, which is a good sign. They have their name, address and telephone number publicly available. CSGORain.us has an Alexa rating of 440,728. Scam Advisor does say that the reasons given for the low-scoring are not guarantees that the site is scamming people, but rather that it fits into the categories that previously known fraud platforms have used. It is best to approach it with caution is their advice.

Easy Counter has given CSGORain.us a ½ star rating for much of the same reasons as Scam Advisor has given them a 36% score. Easy Counter does list the daily visitors as being just over 2 thousand a day, with almost 4 thousand page views. Their social media stats match up with what you would expect from a new website, with only 917 Facebook shares and 3 Google pluses. The service has earned a Safe Browsing status from Google, meaning it is not a known malware site.

Scam Zoom shows that there have been no reports or signs that CSGORain.us is not a legit site. They do implement HTTPS, making the platform secure for sending and receiving info and it is hosted on Cloud Fare servers. There are no user reviews on any of the three review services mentioned.

Within the Steam community, there was absolutely nothing posted with regards to CSGORain.us to be found. The website is simply that new that it has not yet gained enough attention to be recognized. While this may seem like a bad thing, the service does get a couple thousand users per day and some are active here. This means that no one has had anything to complain about when it comes to trust. While they could definitely use some guidance on marketing strategies, this does not make them a scam site.

CSGORain.us should be approached with caution only because they are such a new platform and have not yet gained enough traction to properly see how they handle themselves.

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csgorain us bonuses promocode free moneyThere is a CSGORain.us code NINJA that can be used to receive free coins. They also do allow you to claim 10 Free Coins every day, as long as you add their site name to your Steam profile name. They also have a section for performing tasks to earn money, but that is still labeled “Coming Soon”, so it is not yet an activated option. They do have a referral program enacted that allows you to create your own referral code that when used, will gain you 5% of the referred users’ spending here.

csgorain us bonus promo code free coins


cs go wagering legit skins siteCSGORain.us does not list any fees for the user anywhere. However, the service is still being built out and the addition of fees is possible, but unlikely due to the nature of the platform. Normally, wagering sites tend to rake the top of the betting pools before the winners of those pools ever see or realize their windfall. For this reason, the rake cannot be considered a fee since it was not charged to anyone and not noticed as a loss by anyone.


csgo skins betting legitIt features a very simple gambling platform. They have a Jackpot and a Tower game available for users to play currently. Both games are provably fair, and each round hash is available for anyone to confirm the provably fair model they have employed.

The jackpot game allows you to put up skins as your wager. The items you put up help to determine the odds you receive. As in most CS:GO jackpot games, the odds are not the same for all users, but rather the highest valued bets are given edges. The winner of the jackpot receives all of the skins put up by every entrant into that drawing. Jackpots take place every few minutes.

The tower game is almost like a mine sweeper one, except you are trying to make it to the top of the tower. There are two to three platforms per level and ten levels. There is an easy, medium and hard level that you choose from. The level of difficulty determines the amount of profit each level grants you, as well as the number of safe steps you can take.

As you climb the top, each step up without hitting a bad platform gets you a certain amount of points. You can choose to take those points and call it a day, or just try and climb higher to get the higher winnings. They do let you practice the tower game for free as much as you want. Once you have some skin winnings, simply withdraw them to your Steam inventory.


csgorain us pros consPros

  • Very fresh and unique service, offering newer ideas
  • Bet with actual in-game items
  • Support for reward point styled earnings that can be used to wager


  • New website that is not yet fully developed
  • No reviews or user inputs available online
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