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cs go legit skins betting

Although at first glance csgomax doesn’t look legit at all due to having a very low amount of players and being fairly unknown, it is surprisingly more trustworthy than it may seem. With betting websites that have such a small amount of players, it’s always a question of whether it’s because the service is a scam or just because the owners of the platform don’t do a good job of promoting it. In this case, it seems like the owner just doesn’t promote well resulting in this Jackpot game being unpopular amongst CS:GO gamblers.

That being said this is not a bad thing at all because while it has resulted in having a small player base, the people who actually use the website say good things about it. When looking it up through search engines like google, it was hard to find any credible information or opinions on csgomax. However, after searching for a little bit, the result was quite positive.

The only complaints that I saw were of guys who accuse the service of requiring you to deposit and win a certain amount before you try to withdraw your winnings. There were users however that quickly responded to those claims and said that despite that being the case the CSGOmax.net is legit and not a scam. And as for having to make a deposit and win 2500 coins, this is done in order to prevent people who just deposit and withdraw items without even playing in order just to exchange skins.

Although the platform doesn’t have a lot of users online at the same time, their following on social media such as Facebook and VK is actually quite decent. The facebook page has 1000+ likes follows and likes while the VK group has 5000+ members. Certainly, a good sign for csgomax as jackpot games that are a scam wouldn’t usually have a good following at all due to the bad opinions and reputation about them that spreads throughout the internet.

Overall csgomax.net seems to be a legit website and people are saying mostly positive things about it. Some even claim that if you want to make profits off of CS:GO betting, this service is the way to go in that regard as it is safe and easy to play on. There don’t seem to be any problems with people being unable to withdraw their winnings or having their winnings locked. Although the website is small and not a lot of guys know it or use it, it seems legit and users who want to give it a try should feel mostly safe when playing on it.

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csgomax com bonuses promocode free money

Nothing too crazy here. The bonuses here are standard. The website uses an affiliates system (also known as a referral system) which awards users for bringing in more players on board. Everyone gets a referral code which they can give to their friends. If you don’t have account here created yet, feel free to use our csgomax code CSNINJA for getting 1000 free coins!

When you will use our code, you will get free coins and we will receive a bonus from every bet you make. The more friends you invite the more bonus coins you’ll get. Simple as that and nothing too complex. There aren’t any special promotional codes that give exclusive winnings. But considering how the platform seems mostly safe, it’s good that they have a reliable referral system that allows users to increase their winnings.

csgomax net bonus promo code free coins


csgomax com fees commissions house edge

The minimum required for betting on csgomax is 1 coin for every game. That’s very good and it allows people to easily play without having to bet a lot. The winning odds themselves are easy to understand and pretty good. To give an example, the classic game uses two colors. Each player bets on a certain color and when the wheel starts spinning the color that has the more users betting on it will have a lower index on it, meaning if that color wins the guys that bet on it will win less than the people who bet on the other color. Very simple to understand and it makes it easy to play as well.


cs go skins betting site

Unfortunately, the downside of csgomax is that it has no unique features whatsoever. Every feature on the website is standard and is seen in almost any other CS:GO betting service. Considering how the platform is mostly legit and safe to use, that’s not a huge bummer and it doesn’t hurt too much. A safe and easy to use CS:GO jackpot with no unique features is way better than one that has a lot of unique features but is most likely a scam.

cs go legit jackpot site


csgomax com pros cons


  • Positive opinions and feedback from people who have used the website. Most likely safe to use and not a scam
  • Rumored to be a good service to use if you want to make good profits from CS:GO betting
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Minimum amount required to bet as well as winning odds are good
  • Has a solid referral system
  • Decent following on social media


  • No unique features or interesting things here
  • Very simple design that isn’t appealing to the eyes
  • Small player base
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