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CSGOMassive.com is a relatively new wagering platform that offers multiple games where you get a chance to make a profit on your money. Scam Advisor warns you right away that the website is only 366 days old, just over a year and that the owners of the service have Whois privacy protection enabled for both their personal; and business information. While this does not necessarily mean they are out to scam anyone, those who do scam people tend to always use whois services to mask their identities. This is something you need to consider before you deposit anything at all into the platform.

CSGOMassive.com is a popular website, with an Alexa rating of 383,569 in the world and has very fast page load times. They are running on servers based in Canada and Canada is also where the domain registrar is located, making it a pretty safe bet that the company itself is based in Canada.

Pagestudy, a webpage statistics tracking platform shows that CSGOMassive last updated their site one month ago. The IP address matches what Scam Advisor shows as being a Canadian URL and the page load times are very fast. They show that service does not have any Google page ranking numbers, but Yandex ranks it with a 10. It also shows that they have a relatively small social media following, which can be just because they are still pretty new to market. Easy Counter gives them an overall reputation score of excellent, website gets a safe browsing status but trustworthiness is unknown.

There is relatively no mention of CSGOMassive within the Steam community forums and even Trust Pilot has no record for them as of yet. This again points more to the fact that this is a newer website than anything else, so it is advised to proceed carefully when using the platform, but so far, they have not had any scam accusations brought forth against them. The fact that they are in a working relationship with Steam Gems, a relatively popular and well-trusted site is a good sign for the future of the platform and its users. At this time, it appears it is a safe website to use for a chance to increase your profits by gambling on some fun games.

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There are also offers which allow you to complete surveys and other remedial online tasks in exchange for credits that are applied to your account used for wagering in the games they have. In order to take advantage of the offers that are available, you must have played CS:GO for at least 35 hours and your Steam profile must be set to public. 1 credit equals $1 USD, so most of the offers they have available are .30-.65 credits or 30 to 65 cents each. It is a great way to get some free cash that you can use for your online gambling fun and you can even end up making some good money doing it.

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csgo skins gambling siteIn order to deposit into your account, you have to use a third party website, Steam Gems, which allows you to deposit not only your Steam Skins, but also using Bitcoin, PaySafeCard or G2A pay. For Bitcoin deposits, there is never a fee, as there is also no fee for Steam skin deposits. PaySafeCard will hit you with a 14% fee and G2A pay is at right around 3% for deposits.

CSGOMassive.com boasts that Steam Gems offers its users 5% or less on skin exchanging and withdrawals. Withdrawals are either done through Bitcoin or Paypal. PayPal will incur a 3% fee and Bitcoin is again free, even for withdrawals to your wallet.


cs go skins bets legitThey feature multiple wagering games that you can enter by placing a bet and then hoping you hit it big. They have a jackpot, a number crash, roulette, versus and a mine sweeper.

The jackpot allows you to pick from low, medium or high and then if you were correct, then you win. You are able to see what everyone else chose, as well. Roulette is the same anywhere you go and it is no different on CSGOMassive.com. Pick your choices, set your bet amount and watch the spin and hope your outcome hit.

The number crash game uses some complicated math and computer hashes to basically start and stop a watch. All you have to do is set your bet amount and then guess where the stop-watch will crash at. As long as your number is the same or less than where it actually stops, you multiply your guess times your bet and that’s what you win. If it goes over what you guess, then you are out the amount of your bet.

Versus is simply rock, paper, scissors. You can create a contest that others can join to go against you or simply join another user created contests. Winner takes all in this online version of a classic game. The mine sweeper is a progressive game that gives you more credit for each revealed square that doesn’t blow you up.


csgomassice com pros consPros

  • They have a lot of different activities to choose from
  • Many easy ways to despot and withdraw credits
  • Offer walls to earn free credits


  • Newer website with little to no reputation
  • Unknown how customer support is
  • Required to have played CS:GO to utilize offer walls
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