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Is CSGOHunt.com legit? Really Fast Skin Betting Service

csgo legit bets skins site

The first scam case that I would like to reveal about CSGOHunt.com is coming from Reddit. A user named robkar32 argued that he won $200 with his bet here. However, he hasn’t received any trade offer yet. He asked the community if they just accept it manually or there’s something wrong with their trade feature. It seems that this guy has tried other CSGO betting sites that accept trade automatically.

Going back to his question, he submitted a ticket regarding his concern. Since this scam case was a year ago, he added that this site is still new and no negative reviews coming from other sources. However, now that the year has passed, it seems that some players are complaining about this service.

One of them quoted this message telling that he was the first victim. A guy named eRko16 said that. Another user named IncredibleBro claimed that when a website is not legit, it does not mean they are going to scam everyone in their path. If everyone is complaining about them, it turns out that they will be having a bad reputation like no other. As someone will complain, there are always other players who would say that they are having no problems with that platform.

There’s one guy who claimed that CSGOHunt.net is kind of different from “com” URL. A member named Tuff_FishUK wanted to inform everyone that “net” is his website and not the other one with Dot Com. It’s just that he doesn’t want anyone to get confused on what the OP is claiming about. I checked the CSGOHunt.net, and it just leads me to the Facebook.

Another scam case that I saw was from SteamRep. There’s a user named Mimic whom they ban scamming other users. This user alone claims to be one of the admins of CSGOHunt.com. The website itself is marking his profile as a fraudster and ban him for life. Therefore, it is not safe for you to trade with this guy.

Another username from SteamRep with a Chinese name claimed to be the admin too. As what I have seen from his profile, they have included his name on the ban list more than a month ago. There is a possibility that they could create another account unless Steam would prohibit their IPs.

For these cases, it is easy to say that CSGOHunt.com is indeed legitimate and reliable. Now that they’re online for more than a year with some happy, active users, I would think that they would last long in their service.

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csgohunt com bonuses promocode free coinsIf we are going to talk about bonuses, then this is not the strongest part here. Unfortunately, they do not offer any signup promo codes to get a free balance. They only thing you can do here is to add their URL to your Steam profile and play at their Coinflip with no commission.


csgohunt com house edge fees commissionsFor me, I think their house edge is a little bit hefty. They take 5% commission from the each round played. It means that the winner will not get the total pot, but some items (worth 5% of the total amount) will be deducted by the service.


csgo skins bettingHere they have two games only (Coinflip and Jackpot). When it comes to the site’s overall interface, it looks great. It loads faster than an average CSGO betting website, which is really cool! In their main menu, they have a leaderboard and “Get Started” section. As you know, they are listing some of the best players based on their winning margins. For the “Get Started” section, it guides new and existing users to get familiar with the platform.


csgohunt com pros cons

What I like about CSGOHunt.com is their active chat room. You will encounter a lot of players who are participating in the chat room, no matter if they win or lose. It is easy for you to make friends and socialize with them. Another thing that I like about them is that they issue an early head-start warning for the players. As I logged into their website, I saw a notice at the upper right side.

The admin claims that he or she will never add you and their Steam group does not exist anymore. In other words, they warned us about scammers. You can also connect with them through their Facebook fan page and Twitter account. The last thing that I want to mention is their giveaway section. By completing their tasks, you might have a chance to win awesome prizes.

There are some things not clear to me. When it comes to their settings, I only see one that requires me to add my trade URL. For now, there is no way that I could change my profile picture and other information. Maybe it would only work when I finally level up.

I hope you are enjoying your time reading my review. I wish you the best of luck!

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