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Is CSGObrawl.com Legit? A Lot of Negative Reviews!

cs go legit skins betting site

Betting websites for CS:GO are always fishy until proven to be legit and csgobrawl is no exception. Although when looking at it, everything seems okay, that’s not what the community’s opinion is leaning towards. When researching the service I couldn’t really find any positive comments about it. Most of them if not all of them were just people warning others not to use csgobrawl because it’s nothing more than a scam.

The in-built chat certainly makes that highly possible as it is full of people who spam their promo codes or other links. There is no actual discussion in the chat as it is nothing more than a spam free zone. The incredibly basic design of the platform is also somewhat of a hint that it’s like a scam. When you stop and think about it, why would they make a better looking design if they don’t plan on growing the website? If there were big plans for the service and the owners wanted to expand it and make it bigger, why would they not make a good-looking design?

Aside from that it just seems like most people accuse csgobrawl of being not legit because you don’t really get any of your winnings back. Whether that’s because they lock your balance or because withdrawing simply doesn’t always work properly, that seems to be the general consensus. It would be one thing if the opinions were split and one half was positive while the other was negative. But with csgobrawl, I just didn’t really see anyone praising the website and it was pretty much just negative comments.

There is something positive to be said about them though. The service has a solid following on social media such as Twitter and Facebook. While on Facebook they are at 7k+ likes and follows, on Twitter they have 5k+ followers. Social media following isn’t the best indicator because it can be heavily faked with bots and fake accounts. However it’s still something and if the platform has that many followers, it is possible that they have some legitimacy as a betting website.

Overall while it is possible that csgobrawl isn’t a full of scam, it’s leaning a lot towards that being true. If you plan on using the platform, you should definitely do it at your own risk as there is no guarantee that you will get scammed or not.

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csgobrawl com bonuses promocode free money

Here there aren’t any special codes that can give you unique bonuses. However, they do have your standard affiliates program which is also known as a referral system. Basically, you can just input our CSGObrawl code which is CSNINJA. It’ll give you brawl points (BP) that can be used in the shop to buy skins. And while you get brawl points for it, we will also get some albeit small profit, so it is a win-win situation.

A pretty standard system used in almost every (if not all) CS:GO betting website. You would expect that due to their bad reputation, the site would provide their users with additional bonuses but sadly that isn’t the case. That being said while not having any unique bonuses is a down, having a solid referral system is always good and that’s one thing that this service provides to its users.

csgobrawl com bonus promo code free coins


csgobrawl com fees commissions house edge

The minimum bet value here is dependent on the game you play. For the classic brawl game mode, a minimum of 2.00$ is required. That’s certainly a lot for a minimum bet as you can find websites with a much lower minimum. That being said their mini game mode only requires 0.50$ for gambling so that’s not too bad. It seems like the other games modes don’t really have a minimum and allow you to bet as much as you want which is obviously good.

Winning odds on csgobrawl are standard and are pretty much the same as on all other websites. Obviously not a good thing but not a bad thing either. It just means the platform doesn’t stand out in any way when it comes to the probability of making a lot of money here.


csgo betting skins site

Sadly this is another category where they are lacking. The service doesn’t have any unique features aside from the fact that they have a lot of game modes. That being said while this isn’t a big deal if a CS:GO betting website wants to grow its player base, it’s probably a good idea to provide the users with something unique which they can’t find on any other gambling platform. That isn’t the case here.


csgobrawl com pros cons


  • A lot of variety when it comes to games
  • Good minimum bets aside from the standard brawl game mode
  • Solid affiliates system


  • No unique features
  • Spam-filled chat room
  • Lots of scam accusations thrown towards the site
  • Very lazy and lackluster design
  • No tutorial/instructions on how to play
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