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Is legit? Use Code esportsninja to Get Free Money!

cs go skins gambling site is a well looking new site and has a pretty good reputation. Personally, I have never had any problems with the service and after searching the internet, I’ve only found rare cases of people reporting them for scamming. The very few persons actually claiming to be scammed by is some random Reddit’ers and after reading their posts it seems more like they have just messed up themselves.

From what I have seen I can conclude that it is very unlikely that this platform will scam any of their users, the only thing you should be aware of are potential impersonators or fake mods. Remember, and this is for the every site out there pretty much, no mods will ever ask for your skins.

Another thing to look out for is fake trade offers. When depositing it is always a good idea to check the security id for that specific deposit. That way you won’t have to risk accepting a fake trade offer by an impersonator. If you want to deposit money here you can do so through G2A Pay which adds another level of security, this is another indicator that this service not being a fraud.

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skinup free bonus money There are multiple ways to get free coins on one of them is by entering code esportsninja getting you 250 coins which is equal to 0.25$. Another way to earn some free credits is by linking your Twitter account here; that way you will earn another 100 points equal to 0.1$.

After linking up your Twitter account join their Steam Group and earn another 100 points. Last but not least you can add their domain to your player’s nickname and earn 30 points daily. If you have done all the things I have just listed you should have earned yourself half a dollar to check out the website for free.

skinup gg bonus free coins


skinup gg house edge fee
There are no house edges on any of game modes but please do keep in mind these sites are all made to earn the profit. They will almost always give you worse odds than you are supposed to, it might not be a lot but often the games favor the site for about 2-5%.


csgo crash games g2a pay has a lot of nice features including a load of different games including UP!, which is basically just their version of the crash game, roulette (for any experienced users I can tell that it is basically just the design taken from CSGOWild ) and Mines also known as Mine Sweeper where you have to click the tiles that do not have a bomb.

Another nice feature is the option to either deposit with skins or real money through G2A Pay. I do not have it verified if they take less money for the skins or not but IF they do not, I would highly recommend you to deposit with ingame items. Always remember that skins are not worth the same in real cash as their Steam value.

If you do not want to deposit with skins but rather real cash you will get a little bonus depending on how much you have deposited. If you deposit 150 $ or more you will get 10 % extra credits and for a 1000 $ another 20%.


skinup gg pros cons


  • Great website overall
  • You can deposit both with skins and real cash
  • Nice game modes
  • No house edge
  • Good reputation and reliability
  • Nice and friendly support
  • Many ways for new players to earn some extra free credits
  • Always nice giveaways including high tier knives such as Karambit Fade
  • A nice store always filled with skins between 1 and 1000+ $
  • Chat with active mods
  • The option to send coins to friends


  • Dice game mode has been under development for decades
  • FAQ section is not that informative
  • Roulette design is pretty much a rip off from the old CSGOWild
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