is csgomagic com legit?

Is legit? Brand New Trusted CS:GO Crash Game

is csgomagic com legit?

This is a crash site that lets players deposit there valuable CS:GO skins and try to increase the value in order to obtain better items. One of the reasons that it is so popular is that it is owned by the even more popular CS:GO content based Youtuber McSkillet who has almost 900k subscribers at the moment.

He is very well known in the community and a respected person. Besides CSGOMagic he has a case opening site by the name of CSGOKingdom (check our honest review) which we have an article about as well.

It is confirmed that his newest addition, CSGOMagic, is absolutely legit and withdraws are working as they are supposed to do. I myself have tried out the product and can confirm that everything works correctly. It is safe to assume that he would neither try to rig anything or scam the players as this would ruin his gigantic fanbase and the money that comes along.

There has been some controversy along with McSkillet’s involvement with these types of sites as he is by many considered one of the best CS:GO content Youtubers and did not make his name of gambling but unique and rare skins. His first video to promote these platforms did earn some critique as he was accused of abusing his role as a trustworthy source by criticizing other gambling websites while promoting his own in one video.

While McSkillet seems to be 100 % legit it is important to notice that he has not always been affiliated with legit brands. A rather unlucky partnership with the once popular CSGOWild coin flipping platform was ended as it was revealed that CSGOWild is, in fact, a scam. It was owned by some Faze Clan members who purposefully rigged the odds and did other fake stuff to promote their product.

This was all found out as the Faze Clan guys were stupid enough to make the stuff so blatantly visible in promotional videos that people were bound to find out. This just goes to show that you cannot always trust even the biggest stars on the internet and to always be somewhat critical when new things pop up, even if they are affiliated by your idol.

As I am writing this, people are spamming in chat about missing skins, no support, and lag in general. There definitely seem to be some serious problems happening right now and just goes to show, that there is always a risk involved with these 3rd party companies. No statement has been given as to what is going on so chances are that it is nothing but a technical error but still not a good sign.

CSGOMagic did not the same experience with its launch a few weeks ago and has increased greatly in popularity due to its very unique aspect of the well-known CS:GO Crash Game. One of the good thing about this new game mode, which we will describe more thoroughly later in this article, is that no matter what skin you might win it is always available to be withdrawn instantly.

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csgomagic bonuses promocodes free skins

At the moment there is not a single way to guaranteed make some free money. This is due to no referral programs nor bonus systems. This is most likely because the service is already affiliated with the Youtube sensations MoeTV and McSkillet making it needless to have other promoters and sponsorships.

Right now McSkillet is hosting a giveaway affiliated with CSGOMagic that is quite easy to enter and more is expected to happen in the future. It is, of course, a shame that no money can be guaranteed but the giveaways are insanely big.


csgomagic com fees commissions house edge

We do not know the exact odds as a crash is a very weird game mode. It has been confirmed by McSKillet himself, that the house edge is only 5 % which is supposedly much lower than what other sites tend to offer.

Whether or not this statement is correct we do not know as it is not possible to calculate with crash without having some inside information. One thing is for sure and that is that you cannot take for granted that it is only 5 % as he does also wish to promote his own business and therefore might overexaggerate a bit.


csgo crash skins betting service

The game mode is a renewed version of the classic crash. Instead of coins you play directly with your skins and can watch live as they increase in value and become new items. You can choose to either hunt for a multiplier and get whatever skin is worth that amount or go for that specific item.

To do this you simply click the deposit skins that you are ready to risk losing, pick an item that is worth more than your own and place a bet. Even if you chose a certain skin you can still withdraw before you get it if you are afraid that it might crash before hitting your goal.

They have a nice exchange system that lets users divide their items into smaller pieces in case they are not looking to bet it all at once. It is super-efficient and comes at no cost. Very useful if you want to split one high tier item into smaller pieces.

There is a chat room available for anyone online person and mods are regularly there to help you as best as they can. It is possible to verify each and every roll using a specific equation and unique round hash, something that is almost mandatory for gambling services to have nowadays.

cs go crash game bets skins


csgomagic com pros consPros

– Owned by a popular content creator
– Unique game mode
– Big giveaways


– Technical difficulties
– No referral system
– Fairly new
– Questionable ownership

The reason for making it both a pro and con to be owned by a popular Youtube channel is that while it creates some trust, it is not ideal for a person who is supposed to be a free content creator and not have his own reasons to promote that exact product. By doing this he is on both sides of the equation and that does damage his integrity to some point.

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