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Is CSGOCrash.com legit? Rigged Money Making Scheme?

cs go skins legit betting site

Unlike a lot of other CSGO betting websites I’ve seen, this one is quite unique in the sense that there’s just one type of game. But the question that we must ask ourselves if the game is legit? Is the website safe to use and scam free? Well after doing some research and looking it up on different pages, it would seem the public opinion of csgocrash is 50/50. While some people think it’s legit and there’s a possibility to earn some good profits, others seem to think that it’s set up in a way where you’d eventually lose.

With any CSGO gambling services, there’s always going to be a risk and users will claim that there might be a scam involved. Well looking at the other factors of determining how legit csgocrash is, the website doesn’t seem to have a lot of players on it. There are 4 games servers (or rooms if you wish) and all 4 of them combined don’t have more than 100 users at the same time. In one of our previous reviews, there was a platform that despite having a low amount of players, had a good reputation on the internet. It seemed like it just wasn’t popular but among the people that used it, they were happy with it. Is that the case for csgocrash? It doesn’t seem like it.

According to some users, the game is rigged in a way where it’s possible you could make small profits if you bet safely or if you just bet a lot on one round and get super lucky. But in general it is expected that in the long-term you’d come out with a deficit or the winnings you’ve made would be insignificant. We’ll get to why that is down below when we explain how the house edge works.

While this usually isn’t a big deal, the simple and lazy design of csgocrash certainly doesn’t encourage people to use the website. Like we’ve explained in previous reviews if a service is designed to be a scam, it’s more likely that the look of it will be uninspiring and lazy because there’s no point in making a good one if your end goal is to take advantage of the players. Obviously, a design isn’t that important and it doesn’t mean anything. But it’s just a small little thing that may hint towards this site being nothing but a money making scheme.

The overall conclusion is that csgocrash isn’t a scam in the sense that you wouldn’t be able to withdraw your earnings or something like that. It’s more so a possible scam in the sense that long-term there’s a very high chance you’ll lose your profits based on how the system is set up.

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csgocrash com bonuses promocode free moneyAlthough the website doesn’t provide any unique bonuses, it does have your standard Affiliates System (referral system). By using our unique CSGOCrash code which is MRB-02079 you will get a 100 free coins while we will get extra coins every time you make a bet whether you win or lose. Any user can get his own unique referral code and send it to friends in order to increase his personal affiliates level and get coins from his friends’ bets.

csgocrash com bonus promo code free coins


csgo crash com house edge fees commissionsThe house edge is the main reason why it doesn’t seem like csgocrash is profitable in the long term. Unlike on a lot of CSGO betting websites, this one doesn’t use a fixed house edge. Instead, it scales each round between 1% and 2%. While service explains it as a way of preventing highly conservative play, it does mean that it urges you to take risks sometimes that would increase the chances of losing your profits. This is the reason why long-term it may be very hard to earn any profits because eventually you’re bound to lose if you aren’t able to play conservative all the time.


cs go skins betting crashUnfortunately they don’t really offer any unique features. The only slightly unique feature is that while there are built-in chats in every game server, there’s also a Team Speak server where people can socialize while they play. Other than that the website doesn’t really provide anything unique.

Although it is worth mentioning that if you’re a big streamer on twitch or a big youtuber, you can connect your account and earn special perks and a special referral code. Although this is only for people with at least 10000 subscribers/followers and 100000 views.

cs go crash games skins


csgocrash com pros cons


  • Incredibly easy to play and understand
  • Build-in chat rooms + a Team Speak server making it easy to connect with other players
  • Decent affiliates system


  • Highly likely to lose profits in the long-term
  • Lazy and boring design
  • Mixed public opinion, meaning it’s more likely to be a rigged money making scheme
  • No unique features at all
  • Fluctuating house edge, making it hard to play conservatively and more likely to lose winnings
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