cs go legit skins gambling site

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cs go legit skins betting site

This is a betting platform that allows you to deposit skins, keys and other in-game items directly from your Steam inventory. The skins are then converted into coins that you use to wager on the various games they have available. The reports for ESportsPlus.me on Scam Advisor show a concern due to the fact that the website is hosted out of the US, San Francisco to be exact, but is based out of Germany. However, the owners of the service do not have any privacy services enabled, allowing their contact information to be displayed publicly which is always a good sign.

The two reviews listed on Scam Advisor are both positive and one of them says that for simply signing up for the site and linking his Steam trading URL to the account, they gave him 15 coins absolutely free. He went on to play the dice game a few times and then tried to withdraw the money, figuring they would not allow it since they were given to him free but he was wrong. They sent him his cashout, no questions asked. This is almost unheard of in any industry that offers promotional gifts for signing up and completing part of your profile. This is a great sign of the legitimacy of ESportsPlus.me.

Trust Pilot, a usually reliable source of info on the trust level of a website does not have any info at all here. The Alexa rating is 117595, which makes it a fairly popular platform. The Steam group that belongs to ESportsPlus.me was created in November of 2015 and has 58,991 members, which is a very good sign of the legitimacy of the service itself. It has been around for almost a year and a half, has 58 thousand plus members in the Steam group and a higher than average Alexa rating. These are all signs that point to this eSports betting service being a website that can be trusted to deliver on its goods and services, as promised.

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esportsplus me bonus promocode free moneyPromo codes are available for ESportsPlus.me and you can get 100 free coins right away by adding our NinjaCSGO promo code on the sign up form! By visiting their twitter group, you can usually find different offers on almost any day. The codes are good for discounts, as well as free coins and bonuses. They also have monthly contests for the top wagering users. The leaderboard contest awards the top level players with some great weaponry, skins, and money.

Once you join the site, they will offer you 10 coins absolutely free if you simply save your Steam trade URL to your account. The bonus is yours to use as you wish and you can even withdraw it.

esportsplus me bonus promo code free coins


esportsplus me fees commissions house edgeThey have industry standard fees and these are structured based on several factors and are never more than 5%. They generally range in the 3-4% range. The fees for each game or wager can be found on the bet submission page y clicking on the link that says, “How much will I win?” This will tell you the exact fee they will charge you if you should win that wager.

eSports betting incurs a 10% fee from the total prize pool. All players who bet on the winning team will split the total prize pool after ESportsPlus.me has deducted the 10% fee from the pot. In this sense, there is no fee charged to you directly, but rather t the whole pool of people wagering.


cs go skins gambling siteThe games available to play and gamble your funds here are coinflip, dice, jackpot, coin slots and mystery cases. They have a ton of cool graphical interfaces on the site, making the wagering fun and exciting to play. The slots game is a new take on the old gambling scheme. They mixed slot machines with roulette and created the coinslots.

You choose an item from a Steam game, each with a different bet amount and each with a different range of possible winnings. Hit your choice and get the coins. The jackpot is a great and exciting fun, as well. Thy run it every few minutes so you never have to wait long for a chance to win thousands of coins.

They also have an esports section that allows you to bet on matches played in CS:GO, Call of Duty, League of Legends, DT2 and a few other games. You can see the teams playing, make your choice and bet away as the teams battle it out.

ESportsPlus.me also has a fully stocked and loaded shop, where you can buy all types of items and skins. The prices, while a bit higher than recent market averages, are not bad in comparison to some of the other trading platforms that are out there.

They also allow you to deposit using Bitcoin, instead of having to use your debit card. The support system is very well maintained and all responses to issues is usually answered in a matter of a couple hours, which is nice in comparison to other services within the industry.


esportsplus me pros consPros

  • Up to date web design and platform functionality
  • Great customer support services
  • Fast withdrawals to both your wallet or Steam inventory
  • Fully loaded shop with tons of items for sale at decent prices
  • Accepts Bitcoin as a deposit method


  • Esports matches do not have a large pool base
  • Limited selection of choices in the slots game
  • 10 free coin promotion does not credit instantly
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