cs go legit skins betting site

Is Skinsproject.pl legit? Unique CS:GO Betting Platform

csgo legit skins gambling site

Unlike any other platforms that I have seen before, this one has a variety of games that only a few of them have this feature. Please take note that I am not here for the purpose of taking down this site. I’m just here to give you my thoughts regarding the Skinsproject.pl legitimateness, and it’s totally up to everyone to take my advice seriously or not. Without further ado, let’s get started in revealing various scam cases connected to this service.

The first one that I saw on the internet was from Csgoskin7x. As what I saw in Google Search results, the one who posted had made a list of CS:GO websites that are a scam. One of the platforms that he mentioned is no other than Skinsproject.pl. In his statement, he claimed that it isn’t an actual case when service scams everyone except fake items. He said that there are some cheaper things you can get for real.

However, in his opinion, it is not going to be necessary for the site to put some fake expensive “unrealistic” items there. In my own opinion of his case, it is true that Skinsproject.pl is not a scam. However, he did mention that there were fake items that they should address. Although that you can receive their cheap items for real, the silly false things that you are going to see is questionable.

I have also browsed some Youtube videos regarding scam cases of Skinsproject.pl. As what I have seen, there are some mixed positive and negative reactions regarding if it’s legit or not. For me, as long the platform is still up and running and with some active users, there is no doubt that this is legitimate.

It is a problem for most of the players who are losing a lot of money in their respective CSGO betting websites. Once they are spending too much time playing on any of these platforms, there is no doubt that they are going to get addicted and won’t stop until their money runs out. If they do not win, they are tempted to bet money again for another round. If they have no money left, it will end up borrowing from their families and friends just for gambling.

In real life, there are some who would like to steal money from someone just to use it for gaming purposes. I am not saying that you are one of them. What I am trying to say is that don’t spend too much on these CSGO betting sites. The purpose of my review here is to see if these services are legitimate or scam.

Is Skinsproject.pl legit? Vote!


skinsproject pl bonuses promocode free moneySkinsproject.pl do not provide any promo codes, but sometimes they do massive giveaways! Just check their website to see if there any promotion going on right now.


skinsproject pl fees commissions house edgeI think their house edge seem to be hefty. You know why? This website does not focus on one game only. Unlike any other platforms that I have tried, it appears that it has a variety of mods to gamble with the different house edges. So if you feel that Jackpot, for example, does not pay you back, you can switch to other modes!

cs go skins bettingSkinsproject.pl has a variety of games for you to choose. Unlike most of the services focusing on one or two modes, this one gives you a lot of options. They have a roulette, 1v1 Flip Coin, Crash, Scratch, Jackpot, and Trade Bot. You can also check out their Inventory Value and Exchange Offers section.

The site’s design is kind of simple to me and doesn’t look like a copied version of some other popular CSGO gambling platform. Nowadays a lot of newcomers try to plagiarize popular templates, but this is not the case. The unique style of making business is a nice feature here.


skinsproject pl pros cons

1 – Advertising opportunity

If you like to advertise your own service, they will give you an opportunity by contacting them via Facebook. They have their own Facebook fan page where you can send your queries about advertising. Your ad will be on rotation like the others at the bottom right of your dashboard.

2 – Social customer support

Unlike any other CSGO betting websites that need you to copy their email address and send your concerns, you can chat with them directly on their Facebook fan page. They will reply to you in a few hours after sending out your concern.

3 – Referral opportunity

They will reward you for inviting referrals to Skinsproject.pl. They will credit $0.10 to your wallet for every friend that you are going to attract and register on their platform. Not only that, they have banners in various sizes for you to place it anywhere on your site or forum signature.


1 – Questionable chat room

I don’t see any active players who are participating in their chat room. It is occupied mostly by their bot about notifying some announcements, winners, round hash and so on.

I hope you like my review guys. It is entirely up to you in deciding to try this one or not.

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