is pubgtofast com legit?

Is legit? Reputable PUBG Skin Gambling Site


is pubgtofast com legit? also known as is a gambling website dealing only with Player’s Unknown BattleGrounds’s skins and is affiliated with the crazy popular CS:GO gambling platform by the name of CSGOFast(honest review). The legitimacy of this product is almost bulletproof as it is directly affiliated with CSGOFast and actually represented on their website as well. The owners of these two products are the same and we can, therefore, be certain that is as safe to use as its sibling.

Since CSGOFast is way older and has a lot bigger reputation it is easy to check whether or not that domain is legit in order to confirm the safety of our service. As a matter of fact, CSGOFast is affiliated with HLTV and hosts their own tournaments as well as commercial adds on especially Twitch streams. They are bound to be legit and we can, therefore, ensure you, that both of these platforms are not rigged in any form whatsoever and worth a visit if you are looking to gamble your PUBG skins.

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pubgtofast com bonuses promocodes free skins

There are many ways to earn free coins through on this platform. They each have some requirements that have to be fulfilled but most of them are rather easy to complete.

Signing in with your Steam profile is the first of a few steps to claim some free credits and after 15 minutes of activity, you will be able to do the first step. Add to your Steam nickname and enter our PUBGToFast code 24perj in the blank field, which is beneath the text BONUSCODE. This option can be accessed by clicking the FREE COINS in the down left corner of your screen.

pubgtofast com bonus promo code free coins

Another thing that this field can be used for is to enter promo codes. These are special limited codes randomly posted in the chat and they usually award you with 5 coins equaling 5 cents in skins. The codes only have 20 uses so be fast but they are dropped roughly 2 times an hour so you will get a chance to be one of the first 20 users many times, daily.

It is possible for other users to make these promo codes themselves so by simply being active you have a good shot at making some free credits, the ones created by players are custom crafted and can be worth anything from 1 cent to 5 bucks.

They host giveaways continuously and the winners are announced on Facebook. They are held through Gleam and will be found by clicking FREE COINS -> QUESTS -> READ MORE. It is possible to gain multiple entries by completing various tasks.

The easiest task of them all is the FREEBIE and it simply gives you 10 cents a day by doing nothing but having Player’s Unknown BattleGrounds in your Steam library and have 0 VAC bans. Very easy to do and a nice little extra income.


pubgtofast com fees commissions house edge

The house edge is unknown as it is not publicly stated anywhere but a rough estimation would be between 5 to 10 %. This does not involve their jackpot based games as these vary anywhere in between 1 to 10 percentage and this is officially confirmed by the owners.


cs go betting games crash roulette site

There are 5 modes when playing. First goes by the name “Classic game” and is quite simply nothing but the old jackpot with a bunch of people depositing some stuff and the winner takes it all minus commissions.

Next up is the “Fast game” which is nothing but 3 players rambling together fighting for the two other guys bets. Each of the 3 players will deposit anything between 30 cents and $10, your win chances depend on the amount of bet and winner takes it all minus commission.

The third one is called “Double game” and does not need any further explanation. It is just an ordinary roulette wheel with nothing new to be seen.

The fourth mode goes by “Crash game” and as the name says, is just the ever popular crash betting. It seems kind of misplaced as the visuals consist of a CS:GO bomb counting upwards, while the entire webpage is acting around PUBG skins. Multipliers can be anywhere between instant crash (x0.00) and as high as multiple thousands, only the sky is the limit.

King of the hill” is very unique and understandably branded as new with a special flair. It is quite hard to explain how it works and I would, therefore, suggest clicking the big question mark to see for yourself, what the rules are. Roughly described you deposit to stay in the chance of winning and whoever makes the last bet before time goes to 0 wins the pot. It seems pretty strange as if this is indeed true, whoever has the most money will always win. Please go check out yourself before trying it out.

The store is not that valuable at the moment, but it does offer some nice clothes and equipment worth as much as 250 dollars apiece.
At the moment, all text is viewable in 13 different languages counting some of the biggest Asian and European languages as well as English of course.


pubgtofast com pros cons


– Ask when visiting whether you are 18+ or not, if you answer no it will redirect you to Google
– Loads of free ways to earn free coins
– Legitimacy is guaranteed as it is affiliated with CSGOFast, a very well known brand.
– A lot of games to choose from
– Several ways to obtain free balance


– The design is not always PUBG related
– House edge is not officially presented on the website

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