is csgo tower com legit?

Is legit? Unique Game for CS:GO Gamblers

is csgotower com legit?

CSGOTower is a very simple csgo skin gambling platform that uses only one game mode. It has experienced a lot of popularity, especially with the sponsorship of certain YouTubers such as WatchGamesTV that used to play on it a lot. Recent months its traffic has decreased a bit yet still a very popular choice for many users wanting to gamble their counter strike skins. CSGOTower has had a bit of a rough time and been accused a few times of rigging the roles for YouTubers but nothing has been proven and those accusations were neither based on good arguments or proof.

It was one of the first to introduce this one and only game mode “Tower” which is essentially just you trying to climb the tree without failing, rewards are greatly enhanced as you progress. It has a really great design, it is good looking and very smooth which gives the player a better time playing. There are quite a lot of bonuses to be found on CSGOTower depending on how much time you spend here daily. However, it has not only bonuses that require actually playing which is nice for less wealthy users.

After doing some research it seems to be scoring about average on various scam alert services and there is nothing that sticks out except a few poor quality Youtube videos in which some random people claim that the game is indeed rigged. This is not the case as everyone has the exact same chance to win every single round and the win conditions are set so there is no way to manipulate them. Each result can also be verified using a provably fair feature.

It is very nice to see that there is a statement on the site saying that gambling may be addictive, play responsibly and minors under the age of 18 are forbidden to visit the platform.

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csgotower com bonuses promocode free skinsThere are multiple ways to earn some free coins, for some of them you need to play actively while others require nothing more than your attention for a few minutes. Start off by using our CSGOTower code csgoninja that will grant you 20 credits. You can open a free case once a day and win between 10 chips to a very expensive skin, most likely 10 to 100 coins will be the prize but you never know.

csgotower com bonus promo code free coins

By having their name in your steam nickname another 20 coins will be rewarded to your balance daily, this bonus has to be collected manually and you need to have the advertisement in your name for at least 24hours. For high rollers, a prize is given out both daily and weekly awarding the top 5 players who have gambled the most, in my opinion, this system is not really worth anything as the number 1 spot gets 5.000 to 20.000 coins which equal to $5 – $20. You have to take into consideration that these guys are playing multiple thousands of dollars and that is not a very big reward for such an amount.

The final way to win some free credits is available to everyone staying on the site. A few times every day a lucky person will be randomly chosen has the chance to win between 1.000 and 100.000 chips. Be aware you only have 30 seconds to respond otherwise a new winner will be chosen.


csgotower com fees commissions house edgeSince there is only one game to be played there are not many ways for them to have fees. Depositing and withdrawing are free but you do need to play with at least 50% worth of your deposit before you can withdraw again. This is to avoid people using their system for trading skins. There are no direct fees but the odds are as always favoring the house when playing on their game, simple as that.

One major thing I noticed while scrolling through their rules is their statement that CSGOTower has the right to remove anyone’s balance. More specifically they say that for any user who has been inactive for 30 days or more they will immediately remove his balance. To me this is actually crazy, 30 days is actually not that much to completely take out user’s balance? In my opinion, that is not fair at all and I have not seen that on any other CS:GO gambling platform before.


csgo skretch game skinsCSGOTower has a few decent features including their bonus systems like the top player reward and mystery boxes. Their game mode “Tower” includes three levels each being more riskier and higher rewarding than the other before. In easy which is symbolized by an orange you have a 66.6 percent chance of winning, the second level is represented by a banana and offers you a fifty fifty based game while the 3rd and final stage has a pineapple as its icon and gives you a 1 out of 3 chance to win.

They have various leaderboards to keep track on the biggest wins in the history of the site and the most playing users. It only requires $1 deposited to use the chat which in my opinion is a great choice. Strangers can’t just come and beg for money while you do not have to be a high roller just to get to talk with somebody.


csgotower com pros consPros
–    Great design, smooth and simple
–    One of the first to introduce “Tower” game
–    Many ways to win free coins
–    Unlike some services, it states that gambling can, in fact, be addicting and you should do so responsible if you are over 18 of course. Minors are denied access

–    The fact that they have the right to remove your money after 30 days of inactivity is completely senseless to me and not a fair rule
–    Their reward system is one of the lowest paying however they do have a lot of options
–    Great that they state kids are denied access but it is quite obvious that anyone can come to gamble here, unfortunately like any other csgo skin related gambling platform.

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