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csgo skins betting site

This is a multi-mode gambling service with probably the largest variety of CS:GO gambling games I have ever seen on any given site out there. CSGOSpeed is indeed legit and has a somewhat good reputation. It is not the most popular betting platform out there but it offers a lot of great stuff to its users and there are no reports of scams or missing payouts.

The only reason for them to not have such a big integrity is a number of players online. The service is not a super popular one and rarely have more than a hundred players at the very maximum. Besides the rather little number of users, the site is very trustworthy and reliable. There are absolutely 0 problems with the withdrawal section and the support system works just great.

I have checked various services that verify the security of a certain domain name such as scamadviser and CSGOSpeed seems rather great scoring between 85 to 100 % safety which is the average for the most legit csgo gambling platforms.

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csgospeed com bonuses promocode free moneyYou can use our CSGOSpeed.com Recruit Code F45F0300B8 to get yourself 5 cents for free. The reward for promo codes is rather low on the platform compared to other services but there are other ways to earn some dollars for free by being online. There is this chat giveaway each and every 15 minutes. Anywhere between $1 and a few bucks will be given away to every user in the chat.

csgospeed com bonus promo code free coins

One thing I really like about it is that it is not just a random user but given to the winner of their trivias. A certain category such as TV Series might be chosen and it is your job to guess the TV Series. The first person to write the correct answer in chat wins the contest and is immediately awarded the prize. For the average user, this is probably the best place to actually win a giveaway.

I myself won 2 times within a few hours which shows just how possible it is to win. A tip would be to try and win at late night or early morning since fewer people will be online and there fewer contestants. It is very much possible to win and if you still doubt so just check the “Fun Fact” tab.

The admin always host a new giveaway which is currently a M9 Bayonet | Slaughter Factory New worth 372.84 credits on the site. Please note 1 credit equals 1 dollar. To join the current contest simply click “Giveaways” when using the service and you will be directed to the relevant page. From here click enter and do the things like retweeting the event on Twitter etc. to increase your chance of winning.

csgospeed com fees commissions house edgeThere is no house edge on roulette and few other games. They take 2,5 % of your bet on different 1v1 modes such as coinflip and Russian roulette. The odds favors the house and this is their way to profit from their users and keep the site running. Since they have so many unique game modes it is quite hard to know how much the odds favor the house for each mode. But for example, the odds for each drop within the “Cases” service are visible so you can see the % for each skin, calculate the average prize and compare it to the cost of the case.


cs go betting games skinsCSGOSpeed simply has so many unique features that I haven’t seen on any other platform so far. Not only does their variety in games beat any other CSGO gambling service by far but they also have a lot of very cool aspects to give their users a nice experience.

CSGOSpeed has quite a unique withdrawal and depositing system. It basically works like OPSkins where you list the items you want to deposit onto their marketplace for whatever price you believe they are worth. As soon as anyone buys your item / withdraws it, the money will be added to your online balance. The withdrawal system works together with the deposits and you can browse their market for cheap skins listed by the other users.

This can both be good and bad – sometimes people tend to list their skins way cheaper than their actual worth which is good for you but they also do list them a lot more expensive than their actual cost which can be really annoying if you want that specific skin.

They have their stat tab from which you can see your balance history and a lot more useful information. The fun fact is also to be found under “Facts” and shows stats like the people who have won the most giveaways on the site. Just in the top 10 everyone has won over 350 with the number 1 at an amazing 573 wins. He has basically gotten around 800 dollars for participating in the giveaways.


csgospeed com pros consPros

  • Awesome site with giveaways every 15 minutes and so many game modes you won’t even get to know all of them
  • The people online are so nice, especially compared to the other bigger sites


  • Big house edge
  • The prices on the market tend to be a bit expensive

I would recommend you to deposit skins and not real cash since the items tend to be a little overpriced. As long as you deposit skins yourself it doesn’t matter since yours are overpriced as well.

As a little conclusion, I would like to say that the people who are online seriously are some of the nicest persons I’ve met out there. I stayed on the site a few hours myself to check it out and besides winning 3 giveaways a few friendly guys gave me a couple dollars and I ended up withdrawing some skins for around $25 after not depositing a single penny. Obviously, I’ve been pretty lucky but I definitely think it’s one of the best gambling platforms I’ve seen in a long time.

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