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is csgopoker com legit? is a roulette and poker gambling website that uses CS:GO skins as their currency. The platform is rather new and has yet to hit crazy high traffic numbers, but they are doing decent and slowly increasing. Since they are so new on the market, not much has been said about them. They are doing fine when it comes to ratings on services that give hints about the legitimacy of a domain but it is hard to say if that is because not that many users are yet to use the website.

Withdraws and deposits work fine so there is nothing to be worried about there, their system handles your request in a matter of minutes if not seconds most of the time and you should have a flawless session. The roulette section is perfectly fine and works pretty straight forward, nothing to worry about there. The poker tables are a little more complicated, not in the sense that they seem fishy or anything, but you really need to know what you are doing. Poker is just as much skills as luck and so you should not waste your money here unless you know how to play. Chances are some very good player will just keep playing against worse people and rip off their balances.

I have only been able to find very few reviews online and those were all positive since there are so few we cannot guarantee you that they describe what the average user is going to experience, as it is mostly either very lucky or very unlucky players who take the time to write a review.

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csgopoker com bonuses promocodes free skins

There are two very simple ways to get free coins at with very little work to be done. The first can be achieved by easily typing our code CSNINJA in the box that pops up when you click the FREE COINS tab. This will give you 500 coins equal to 50 cents and you will need to deposit another $2,5 to actually withdraw them. My advice is to not deposit unless you win $2,5 from the initial 50 cents, otherwise, you might lose it all and that really would be a shame.

csgopoker com bonus promo code free coins

The other method of getting free coins is a daily bonus that can only be claimed by living up to certain requirements. The five requirements are as following:
1) Join the steam group (The official one)
2) Have CSGOPOKER.COM in your username
3) Steam Level 5+
4) CS:GO Playtime: 40+ hours
5) Deposited 5000+ coins

Most of them are fairly easy to do. If you do not have your Steam profile level 5+ and do not want to pay for it here is a little tip. Complete the community tasks which can be found on your Steam profile. Doing these will put you at level 10 and thereby being enough to claim your daily coins.

The daily reward is only 100 coins but it is, of course, renewed every 24 hours so it can be a nice source of income for some free CS:GO skins over time.

Free tournaments (Freerolls) are held weekly so if you are good at the game or just want to test the waters this is a good place for you to start. They can be found by clicking the Poker sign.


csgopoker com fees commissions house edge

The house edge is not officially shown but definitely, there is one. They do take a certain rake from each pot. This is a small amount, but in the long run, a lot of rake can be taken from you if you play a lot.


cs go poker betting site

CSGOPoker features two game modes, the one being the old and classical roulette which is probably the most used betting service when it comes to CS:GO gambling. The insanely popular card game poker is something we do not see as often despite it being so popular in the real world and it is definitely quite unique to have. They have their own Bank as they call it, it is basically just all the bot’s inventories and your available to deposit skins. This does none or less sound way more sophisticated and does look a little better when you scroll through the menu.

Their FAQ is very good compared to most other platforms and it thoroughly goes through everything that you need to know before playing.

The poker section works almost inclusively for itself. It is based on a completely different system where you can transfer your balance between those two accounts (Poker account and main account). This is because the poker section handles chips and not coins just like in the real world. If you are good at playing this game there is loads of stuff to do here as both tournaments are being held by the officials but also private persons.


csgopoker com pros consPros

– The popular card-based game, Poker
– Free daily coins and a one-time bonus with our code CSNINJA
– No negative ratings or comments


– Fairly new, not a very big reputation
– Not that many users online

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