is csgojoe com legit?

Is CSGOJoe legit? Use Our Code and Get Free Skins!

is csgojoe com legit?

This is a very unique and old csgo gambling service. It is very unusual and combines the popular betting sites with platforms that let you earn skins by watching ads, doing surveys and downloading apps. You can do various tasks and there are plenty of ways to play with your money. Whenever your balance drops to 0 you will be instantly refilled with a certain amount depending on your level. The greatest thing about CSGOJoe is the fact that you do not have to deposit and risk your own skins, it is a completely free service and great fun. Please keep in mind this website is completely legit but since their only income is the advertisement of other platforms they cannot give away expensive knives to everyone and it is pretty hard to win something really good.

Gambling is not a necessity and if you rather want to grind out for that dream skin instead of praying to the betting gods you can just use their “Earn Coins” program instead of playing the different game modes. CSGOJoe is indeed legit and the owner certainly cares about the platform. It just recently got a huge update with an entirely new template that looks way better and much smoother than the old design. Payments are completed within minutes so you do not have to wait days for your skin to get in stock either. One of the things I personally like the most is their coin refiller whenever your balance hits 0 which means it can be a great way to waste some time without actually losing real cash.

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csgojoe com bonuses promo code free coinsSince the idea behind the service is all about the free skins there are multiple ways to earn those. The first thing to do after login is to hit the “Affiliates” button and enter our CSGOJoe code 550669 (it is a set code that can’t be changed). It will reward you with 2000 credits so you are already good to go. The main income for you besides our promo code can be found under the “Earn Coins” tab. This is where the magic happens, various surveys depending on your location can be found here and if completed offer great rewards. The surveys found here have a great range of payment starting from a few thousand coins up to multiple hundreds of thousands of chips.

Please note some surveys require you to buy something and therefore are often the best-paying ones as well. Besides paid products mobile apps with specific goals like getting your townhall in “Clash of Clans” to level 6 offer great payouts. The last way to earn chips is of course gambling. There are 4 game modes on CSGOJoe all of them being some of the most popular in the community. Roulette, Coinflip, Crash and Mines are the names to be played here with your hard earned credits if you want to multiply that income.


csgojoe com fees commissions house edgeAs you probably have understood by now, everything is free at CSGOJoe and therefore it would be pretty senseless to introduce their users to fees since there is no real money involved. However, some of the odds are giving the house a small advantage in order to limit players from reaching too high balances. You have to remember that they only live on the ad revenue so they cannot afford too much.


cs go gambling site skinsThere are a lot of special features to be discovered and many of these are not seen anywhere else. By far most noticeable is the automated refill. A player without within his nickname will get 50 coins for free each and every time he loses everything. A player that does indeed have the domain in the steam tag will be rewarded with 100 credits when balance hits 0. This free refill can be enhanced by leveling up your account. There are certain ways to do so and you can maximum level up your account 5 times a day.

Basically, there are some missions for each game mode and a reward when completing all 4, the max level is 100 and each level will grant you 1 more chip per reset. This means a level 100 user will get 200 coins all the time. This is a very great feature and means you can play for fun almost as much as you want to. The only restriction here is to prevent the usage of bots and is very simple, you can’t bet more than 1000 times per day. Obviously, no human kind is going to do this anyway so it is not something you are going to notice.

The roulette game is a little different from the original version offering a few more betting options. Here you can bet on every single number instead of a couple of colors and each has a 14 times multiplier.


csgo joe com pros consPros
–    Multiple ways to earn free skins
–    Great fun without spending a single penny
–    Your balance will never be empty

–    Can be quite hard to win expensive skins
–    Your level will decrease by 1 for every inactive day
–    The chat can be quite boring as people tend to spam their affiliate codes
–    You are not allowed to run any sorts of adblock however that is quite reasonable

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