is csgohandouts com legit?

Is CSGOHandouts Legit? Earn Free Coins to Play With

is csgohandouts com legit?

At first glance, this service seems like a legit website. But is it really safe? I had to check for myself and so I did some research on it. I always like to start with the user base (or fanbase) and checking how big it is. In that regard, CSGOhandouts is doing pretty well for themselves. Their Twitter has almost 10k followers while Facebook page has almost 4k followers and likes. Pretty decent numbers. They also have a steam group although the group itself isn’t very big and isn’t too active from what I saw.

I also took a quick look at the inbuilt chat on the website to see how many users are in it and how many of them are just bots. I wouldn’t say it was a very active chat but it did have around 100 users and it did seem like most of them weren’t bots either. So in terms of player base is doing pretty well!

I also checked for any opinions or reviews on the service and the results weren’t as good. There were a few instances of people complaining that their money disappeared or other complaints about people being unable to withdraw. In terms of withdrawing though it was mentioned that you need to have a certain amount of CS:GO play time in order to withdraw on the website.

This is mostly done to prevent scammers from abusing the platform. While I personally don’t have a problem with that, I would like it if it was mentioned how many playing hours of CS:GO you’d need to use the service properly. But that isn’t mentioned. In-fact some things are not explained properly once you first visit the website. In order to see the FAQ you need to scroll to the bottom where there’s a small bar with an “About Us” option. And only by clicking on that button will you get to the FAQ. CSGOHandouts can certainly do a better job at being more welcoming towards new users.

Aside from those issues, people have also had a problem with the support staff. A few users that I saw complained about reaching out to the support staff about problems with the site and not receiving any reply at all. Any CS:GO skins related platform needs a solid support staff in order to make sure the users aren’t dissatisfied with the services and won’t speak badly of them. Certainly not a good sign.

My overall thoughts on the legitimacy of csgohandouts are that while the website should be safe in theory, there is a small possibility of getting screwed over. Not a platform I would fully trusty but I think it’s not exactly dangerous to use either. There’s just a small risk involved but if you feel like you won’t bet too much here, you can certainly give it a try and see if you like it or not!

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csgohandouts com bonuses promococe free skinsSo the first obvious bonus you could get is from the referral system the website has. Pretty standard stuff here. Basically, you use a referral link when registering and you’ll get a starting balance. The person who referred you to the service will also get 5% of your earnings plus 1% of all coins played by anyone who registers with his link. You can use our referral link if you’d like to try out the site and have a small starting bonus!

Another option is to add the text to your steam profile to get 5 Coins for free once a day. Certainly, a nice bonus that doesn’t require much effort on your part. The only other option available is to earn GoCoins by completing tasks or offers that once completed will give you money. This is similar to how Pay to Click websites have offers that will earn you extra funds. The bonuses on csgohandouts aren’t all too exciting but they are standard for a platform like this one so it’s nice that the service has them.


csgohandouts fees commissions house edgeThe minimum required wager is 1 GoCoin which is pretty good for a minimum bet and it allows pretty much anyone to play. The winning odds are standard for both the Jackpot and the Roll Dice game. Nothing too unusual in terms of the odds but they are normal and that’s really all we can ask for.


cs go betting games skinsAside from being able to complete offers for GoCoins, the website doesn’t provide any unique features whatsoever. Even the offers aren’t exactly unique because you see them a lot on PTC platforms but not so much on CS:GO websites like csgohandouts so in that sense it is a somewhat unique feature.


csgohandouts com pros cons


  • Standard winning odds
  • Easy to play games
  • Decent bonuses
  • Good amount of players/users


  • Very lackluster design
  • Website doesn’t seem too user-friendly towards new users
  • No unique features
  • Not the most trustworthy service in terms of its reputation
  • Poor support staff
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