is legit?

Is legit? Massive Scam Accusation!

cs go legit casino site

 To be honest I would not recommend you to make a deposit here! I have no confirmation of it being rigged or scamming users within the last 2 years but I have found some worrying Reddit posts back in January 2015. This is a long time ago and it is possible that the owner has been replaced by a new person with better intentions, but from what I have read you should be very careful depositing your skins here.

To give you a quick overview of the scandal back then, basically, the service owner, Blackshot, scammed all of the users. He bought a ton of G3G1 Safari Mesh’s, around 150+, they each cost for around 1-3 $ on the steam market. He then removed all of the skins from the withdrawal bots on the site and replaced them with heavily overpriced G3G1 Safari Mesh’s 80$ each. The total price of the original items that were taken away was around 15 thousand dollars!

He replaced all these skins with worthless trash items so heavily overpriced, that the users with money on their balance simply could not withdraw anything but this expensive useless stuff. Basically, he had to only pay around 500 $ for 15.000 $ worth of skins. The Safari Mesh’s he put onto the website were 30x higher than their real price! Every user of csgocasino got scammed! it did not even matter if you had let’s say 1000 $ on there, you could only withdraw skins actually worth below 30 $.

After committing the crime, Blackshot then went on to leave the official Steam group of the service, put a bot Steam account as the admin of the group and then made his inventory private. Probably so he could sell it all on opskins for some insane profit without having anyone to make complaints about it. If you are more interested in the whole scandal, just google it yourself, there are plenty of posts about it.

As I mentioned before, I do not know if there has been a replacement of the ownership of the platform. It is likely that a new owner had bought the site and the old one wanted to squeeze it for the last money before letting go of it. I have not heard of any complaints in the past 1 year or so, but it does not mean that is legit! You should be still very careful or simply do not deposit skins here. At least do not deposit expensive items and try not to hold them on the balance for the long period.

One very important thing to notice here is their ToS where it is stated that they have the ability to change any given skins value at any given time with no warnings what so ever. Not only that but they can do it without warning their users or stay responsible for any loses the change in price may cause. Actually, by saying this they are pretty much allowing themselves to do the exact same thing as the owner did in the past where he scammed everyone.

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csgo skins bettingThrough affiliates and referral codes, gives something back to the community. By using the code csgolegit 500 coins will be added to your balance which equals to 0,5 $. Instead of depositing on the site, I would recommend you play around with free coins, see if you can win something nice and if – go withdraw.

One very important thing players using the code have to keep in mind, is hidden in their ToS again. If you are like most users, you do not read the Terms of Service of the service you are playing on, so I will just tell you. As they state in their Tos, admins may remove any users balance after 1 week if they do not deposit any skins to the site. Basically, they say, that it is allowed to remove all your coins after one week if you have only played with the free money so please, please withdraw instantly if you win something from the free coins.

csgocasino net bonus promo code free coins


csgocasino net fees commissions house does not have any direct house edge on any of their game modes, but please do keep in mind that the way the site earns money is by giving you bad odds on their services. Their game mode Mines is one with the worst odds, paying out way less than any other mode.


cs go skins gambling does not have any special unique features. They have the basic game modes: crash, roulette and mines, a support tab and provably fair system. There is nothing very unique about the platform, that should convince you to use this service; it is a pretty basic standard CSGO gambling site.


csgocasino net pros consPros

  • Nice standard csgo betting platform


  • Scammed all their users before
  • Sketchy ToS, removes a lot of their responsibilities as a gambling service
  • Support slow at answering, often copy pasted messages
  • Most online users are bots spamming referral codes

As you can see, the cons heavily out favor the pros and I would not recommend you to play here with anything but the free coins you get from  code csgolegit

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