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legit csgo skins betting site is a betting site where you sell your skins from CS:GO for tokens. These can be used to bet on matches and for a huge amount of other gambling options that this casino has. With enough tokens, you would be able to buy the cases or skins you want from their marketplace.

They usually peak to around 105 users online at all times of the day which means they are a medium sized CS:GO casino which people frequent. Upon doing a search on Google, a lot of people say that the service is actually a good place to gamble. There are youtube videos as well that reviewed this website in a positive way. It means that is legit and safe to use!

Being one of the medium sized betting websites online, there are some problems that the trading bot doesn’t work as intended but do not be alarmed as the admins usually answer the complaints and resolve the issues within the day.

The only complaint that I have read about is the lack of a provability system when opening cases which are hugely affected by RNG. I would not recommend opening boxes here as this feature might be rigged for youtubers who advertise the site.

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They do have freebies if you want to start your journey for free. You can go ahead and use Promo Code CSGOLEGIT to get started with 150 tokens from us. You can also join their FreeRoll for extra credits (just need to put CSGO-CASE in your Steam handle to be eligible for the promo.) Don’t forget to check their Freepot, where you get a chance to win some tokens to be used for gambling as well.

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csgo-case com fees commissions house edgeThey have the classic matchbetting options where they display the odds to win between the teams. has other unique multiplayer games as well where you play against other users. They do have a Jackpot option as well where players put in tokens together to be able to claim the total pot. The game starts when 20 users have invested some money for the round. The higher you bet on their jackpot game, the higher the chance you win. The house takes 5% from the jackpot prize.


cs go cases boxes skinsOne of the good features here is the Steam integration that they offer. They make it easier for you to be able to trade your skins for tokens from your Steam inventory and then sending your items from your inventory back to Steam. Another thing that offers is a multitude of betting options. They have multiplayer games that range from Jackpot, Revolver and Arm Wrestling. These are the games where you play against other players and put your stake in to claim the prize.

However, if the multiplayer games do not appeal to you, do not worry. They do offer single player options as well. The single player options they offer have all the classic casino games like Dice, BlackJack, Roulette, Slots and Scratchcards. If you don’t like esports teams that are currently fighting but still want to gamble, there is always a choice for you. Basically, can offer you everything that any other online casino can, but with the skins deposit and withdrawal option.

That is not all though if you don’t want to gamble and just want to browse and buy skins, they do have a wide array of items and skins that players sell using the marketplace. You would be definitely able to find a proper deal for you. But bear in mind that this is not a trading site though. When you purchase an item from their marketplace, all sales are final.


csgo-case com pros cons


  • Website is built well that makes it easy to navigate
  • Have good community support as well as admin support
  • Easy trading of items because of Steam integration
  • Chat with several languages
  • A lot of users online, bigger rewards on jackpots
  • Wide betting range and options, even for amateur esports matches


  • No provability system for case openings
  • All sales are final when buying from the marketplace
  • Have to change Steam name if you want to join Free Rolls
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