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Wildcase.com is a brand new CS:GO unboxing platform that enables its users to open up either custom made cases or official ones made by the admins. Since it is so very new, only popped up a few weeks ago, it has yet to really build a reputation. The site has since its start grown immense in popularity and sponsors the biggest YouTube stars like Tweeday, Sparkles, Anomaly, WatchgamesTV, Juicy and much more.

The platform has yet to really adapt to the many customers and was very laggy especially in the first few days where the hype was at its biggest. The server simply couldn’t handle the users online at once, over 5000 in the very beginning, which lead to many bug splats and errors. The service is indeed working way smoother by now but there is still stuff to be fixed.

Their reward system is completely broken at the moment and there is a lot of people bargaining about missing withdrawals or no currency for their deposits. These things will be solved by time but I think their support service simply wasn’t ready for the huge demand and therefore many problems that had to be dealt with.

I don’t believe Wildcase.com is a scam, certainly not with its huge fanbase and sponsored YouTubers but there is no doubt some problems that have to be solved because the platform is not working correctly at the moment. To be honest, I think they just need some time to work out a solution, no one really expected it to blow up like that and one of their biggest problems, in the beginning, was that they simply didn’t have enough skins in stock and their servers couldn’t handle the traffic. It is, however, getting better each and every day and if anything goes wrong for you, just contact the support – it might take a while but it will be taken care off.

As late as today, their withdrawals are down and some people are complaining about not getting paid for their deposits in chat. Their daily faucet system is completely broken, users can complete certain missions to increase their daily faucet such as having Wildcase.com in your name, join their Steam group and verifying your email. The only problems is that for 9 out of 10 users it is only possible to verify email, the other goals don’t work. I’m sure they will fix it in the future but right now it is just a total mess.

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wildcase com bonuses promocode free moneyIf you decide to try out the service yourself I highly recommend you to use our Wildcase.com code CSNINJA to get yourself 0.5 $ for free and maybe win some nice skins. Besides using our code, you can claim your daily faucet every 24th hour. In the current state it is not really possible to increase your faucet by fulfilling the goals but you can level up your account by depositing money onto the site and open a certain amount of cases.

wildcase com promo code bonus free coins

If you are a big spender, you can get up 0.5 $ per day extra which is a pretty nice bonus. The 3rd and last way to make some free money here is by making your own cases and sharing them with your friends, streamers etc. There is affiliate tax on community made crates which awards the creator with 1 % of the value every time his or her box is opened by another user.


wildcase com fees commissions house edgeThere is no house edge on anything since it wouldn’t really make sense nor be possible. The only way to gamble on Wildcase is by depositing money, opening cases and withdrawing the skins you win. Since they can’t really tax you any money of a skin that you have won, the odds heavily favor them to ensure the profit in the long term.

Generally, these kinds of CS:GO gambling services are the ones with the worst odds for their users. Remember that you pay real money for your winnings so even if you pay $100 and win a $110 skin you will have to sell this using services like OPSkins (ninja’s review here) or Bitskins. An item value in real cash is normally around 70 – 85 % of its online value depending on the condition, rarity, and price.


cs go open boxes skinsThere are plenty of cool features on Wildcase and I’m sure it is going to be a very enjoyable service as soon as they get everything fixed proportionally to their large fanbase. Their best feature, in my opinion, is a faucet system when everything will be fixed it is going to be one of, if not the most, rewarding daily money systems for people who do not play for big amounts of money. You can get up to 0.3 $ per day without spending a single penny which I believe is the highest of any gambling platform.

If you want to help out your favorite YouTuber you can go to the “Sponsored Cases” where all their sponsored YouTubers and streamers boxes will be shown. Whenever ever you open one of these, Wildcase pays something to that person.

Their by far biggest and most unique feature is the brand new crash mode. It is not the normal CS:GO crash game we already know but share some similarities with the service. You basically start with one skin, that will change into a new skin either higher or less valued and you can keep on going until it crashes. It is unique and definitely not something we have ever seen on any site before. There is a certain amount of risk involved since you can lose everything and not get a single skin but it is also where the big money can be made. Higher risk equals the higher win, it has always and will always be like that.


wildcase com pros consPros

  • Unique cases and games
  • Rewarding faucet system
  • Growing community


  • Many problems at the moment due to high traffic
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