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is vreecase com legit? is a case opening site that contains both CSGO and PUBG (Player Unkown BattleGrounds) skins. Their design and template is something unlike anything else I have seen before. The colors are so bright and messy it is hard to even understand what is going on at first sight and it looks very thrown apart. It looks pretty bad in my opinion and has some of the elements from previous encounters with scamming gambling platforms. That, of course, is not a particularly great start as but since that is just my first impression from the first visit, more research should be done.

Googling around there are plenty of good articles that praise the company behind and such. Most of these reviews talk about secure and fast payments, great service etc. however this is to be taken with a certain critique. Clicking the “make money” tab from the menu at introduces you to their program called “Call for articles” in which they basically state that the potential authors will be paid ‘greatly’ in either real cash or VP coins (which is the on-site currency) for writing reviews that are saying good things about the website and can be used to promote their business.

This is of course very troubling since this is not only ethically wrong but also illegal. If any official newspaper or magazine were to do so they would be hardly criticized and potentially facing a law sue. I personally believe this is even worse as it should not be allowed for an already sketchy looking CSGO gambling service to provide such false information. It is no surprise that the gambling scene with Counter Strike GO skins has had multiple cases of fraud with the big ones being the entire CSGOLOTO scandal (ninja’s review here) and the infamous PhantomL0rd’s CSGOShuffle.

Besides these promotional articles, their social media accounts are also looking heavily suspicious. Their Facebook page has more than 5k followers and likes but only ~10 likes per post and their Twitter account is followed by more than 12k profiles while their giveaways only get ~1k retweets. These to me, are clear indications that they might have bought their followers to get extra traffic and extend their business.

The last thing I want to touch upon before moving on is their payment methods. Usually, the legit case opening services have as their main portal but this is not even a possibility when adding funds to your balance on – besides Skrill and bank transfer, it is pretty much only small unknown local payment portals.

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vreecase com bonuses promocode free skinsThere are multiple ways to earn free drops and cash by doing various actions such as content writing, referring people, completing quests and bonuses when depositing. First of all you can verify your email address and enter our referral code oOJNza this will net you $0.35 cents and add their domain to your steam name and get 5 cents daily.

They sponsor multiple giveaways monthly sometimes weekly or even daily. These are usually anything from $30 skins up to the likes of multiple hundred dollars and you will normally have to invite 3 friends to participate in the giveaways. Next thing is to simply top up your balance at the right time as they sometimes have promotions that include extra percentages on deposits or free cases to people depositing more than a certain value.

If you have a big social media following I would advise you to refer people as this is by far can earn the highest income. The last thing is to become a content writer, however, the information is pretty limited. The only thing they say is that you need to be able to write content that can be used to promote the business and payment will be either cash or their own online currency VP coins. Not only is it wrong because they pay people to talk good about their site which is fake promotion but they neither give any clue as to what exactly you can make besides who wants to work just to get their own currency? It seems pretty bad but if you are desperate it might be worth to try to contact them.


vreecase com fees margins house edge

The house edges are not public just like anything else pretty much. The odds are hidden so there is no real way to tell what the winnings are like. As to opening cases, there is no direct fee but it is pretty safe to say that they will most likely not pay back more than 50 to 75 cents per dollar spent. Keep in mind you pay real cash while they give you virtual pixels that sell at around 70 percent of their value for real cash.


cs go drop skins boxes siteAs for the features, Vreecase is not really that special. There are 10 possible languages to choose between being some of the most popular ones like Spanish, German, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish and Polish. As for the currencies, you can swap between Euros, Dollars, GB Pounds and Russian Rubles.

It is quite unique that they have chosen to merge together both PUBG and CSGO skins but I believe this is to reach a larger audience. The only feature that is not seen that much anywhere else is the contracts that let you trade up 3 skins in your inventory for one bigger and better item.


vreecase com pros consI think it is a decent looking gambling service but unfortunately, it has a lot of worrying elements to it. Their hunt for new users and more traffic seems very suspicious and they are likely to be using fake promotions. I believe there are better alternatives to be found and I do not endorse you to deposit your own money into the system

–    Both CSGO and PUBG weapons
–    Many ways to get some free coins

–    Fake promotion and reviews
–    Suspicious social media accounts
–    Too sparkling design and does not look very good

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