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Is the Drakemoon.com Legit? Play at Your Own Risk!

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After thoroughly researching and looking at the website for myself, it’s safe to say the service isn’t 100% a scam but for the most part, it is. While some lucky users would be able to use it properly without any issues, most people don’t have that kind of luck. There are so many complaints about Drakemoon thrown out on the internet. They are very colorful too.

The first major complaint is that a lot of people are unable to withdraw their winnings. Not a huge surprise considering that’s an easy way to bait people into using your website and deceive them. This is a very common complaint when it comes to drakemoon and it certainly hurts their credibility by a lot.

Next up is the random disappearance of items. Users have reported that after opening their cases, their skins would disappear and would be completely gone. The value of the items would be irrelevant. Even if they cost 100$+ or 1 cent, the item could still disappear just like that. Yet another major complaint which doesn’t bode well and creates a feeling that Drakemoon.com is not legit.

Moving on another complaint about the service is their targeted audience. The design seems to have a lot of animated themes for their cases such as Pokemon characters and whatnot. It would seem that this is done in order to target young kids and teenagers that will be willing to use the website without thinking about whether it’s trustworthy or not. This is definitely a very shady move on drakemoon’s part. Quite distasteful of them to target kids and bait them into using their services.

And finally, their support staff has not received a great review from customers either. One report is that when a user tried to withdraw his winnings, after 5 days of waiting his winnings still weren’t withdrawn. When contacting the support staff he was told that they were working on fixing the issue but nothing was being resolved. For a website that already has a negative reputation, you would think they would at least make extra effort to assist their users properly. But sadly that is not the case and it doesn’t seem like they prioritize their users’ best interests.

All in all, there’s just way too many complaints throw here and it’s not just about one thing. There are lots of things people report about the platform. So many complaints don’t just pop up randomly without any reasons. It’s obviously that drakemoon is definitely not a very legit website. Although it has an average of around 1000-1500 online users, the amount of negative opinions and reviews is too much. Anyone using it should do so with the utmost caution. Do it at your own risk!

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They do offer Free coins. Just by logging into your steam account you will be able to get free coins by inputting a Drakemoon affiliate ID esportsninja. This code goes along with their affiliates system. By giving your code to others and making them use the service, they will get a starting bonus on the website and will become your referral while you will get bonus earnings from it. A useful and simple to use system which doesn’t require any extra effort from both parties.

The other bonus is the free Diamonds you can get after waiting a certain amount of time. They are used for Moon Wars, a system where you use Diamonds to roll for random skins/chests. The more Diamonds you earn and the better you roll, the more chance you have of winning a weekly award from the Moon Wars.

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Compared to other case opening websites, the prices here aren’t that high. For example, a StatTrak box on another platform could be somewhere around 15$ but on Drakemoon it is only 10. In terms of prices, the service does a decent of not making their cases too expensive.


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Drakemoon doesn’t really bring anything unique to the table. The platform functions like any other case opening service There’s a standard deposit/withdrawal system, normal bonuses through the affiliates system. There’s an option to create a chest which isn’t really that unique. The most unique thing here is the Moon Wars system which is very easy to understand and fun to use. Aside from that everything else is the same on any other website that is related to the skin unboxing.


pros cons drakemoon com


  • Very simple design, easy to use
  • Cutesy box themes
  • Simple and useful affiliates system
  • Case prices aren’t too high


  • It has a very negative reputation and is often accused of being unsafe to use and being a scam
  • Uses the cutesy themes to target a younger less informed audience and bait them into using the website
  • No unique features
  • Support staff is unreliable
  • Withdrawal doesn’t work often times
  • Items may disappear randomly regardless of their value
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