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Skinhub is one of the biggest csgo case opening sites out there. They have sponsored many big youtubers such as McSkillet and they have a lot of advanced features. To be honest they are considered one of the best case opening services in the csgo gambling scene. A website has always had a great reputation and I have never heard of any serious reports of missing payments or any sort of fraud. There are no reasons to doubt the integrity of this service and your skins should be safe when depositing here.

Not only Skinhub is legit and very safe to deposit, they are also very good at having your winnings available for withdrawal all the time. One thing many sites have been accused of is not having the items won by the users in stock, forcing them to sell their winnings back and in the end losing them all because they could not withdraw. Skinhub was the first platform to take a big action against this. Not only your items are almost available but if not, they have introduced their swapping system. This system allows the users to swap their unavailable skins to ones that are available at the moment with the same or even bigger price.

This is just one of the more significant services offered their users to ensure the best experience possible and guarantee the safety of deposits. All in all this platform is a very well known with everything needed for a site to ensure users that it’s legit including provably fair system, youtouber sponsorships, great support system, positive reviews and the possibility to see the odds for the every outcome. This is something I really like, it is very simple and transparent because a lot of competitors choose to make everything so shady by hiding the odds.

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skinhub com bonus promocode free moneyBy entering our Skinhub code esportsninja you will get yourself $0.50 which you can play around the site with to try out your luck. The referral code only works once so be sure to open the right case first time and remember, always withdraw anything good you win. Case opening sites, in general, earn their profit by giving the users lower odds than the prices of the items that can be won.

Because of that, you need to withdraw whenever you win something expensive. By selling every winning back you will end up losing it all in the end. Besides entering our referral code under the Rewards section you can follow them on Twitter and join their Steam group to earn some few extra credits

skinhub com bonuses promo code free coins


skinhub com fees commissions house edgeA website takes no direct house edge but as every other CS:GO case opening service the odds favors the house. This is the standard way for every platform to earn some profit so there is nothing special here. You need to know, that In the long term you will end up losing if you cannot keep your winnings and have no goal or limit which will help you to stop playing. Other than the odds favoring the house there are no hidden margins on the unboxing part of the platform.

Besides the odds on their cases, Skinhub has their new service with trading bots. They have just recently updated with dedicated trading bots that allow users to sell and buy skins fast and safe. The way they make a profit on this is by underpricing your items comparing to Valve market or overpricing their own skins which are available for sale.


cs go skins cases boxes siteThis service has many great and unique features. Some of their features used to be quite unique but have been copied by many competitors since they had a great success. Actually, for the newest features, it takes no more than a week for the other sites to implement the same feature to keep up their traffic. Skinhub is mostly known for their “trade winnings” system. As I quickly mentioned earlier it allows users to trade their unavailable items won with available skins to ensure everyone gets the best possible experience.

If you can then trade your skins because it is often quite profitable as Skinhub often offers you skins worth a little more than your unavailable winnings as a compensation for not getting your desired item. Keep in mind this whole trading system is mostly used for high-value items such as AWP Dragon Lore, AWP Medusa and fancy knifes rather than the less expensive ones since they are more likely to have those in stock.

Besides the “winnings trading system”, they have also implemented a new feature dedicated to skin market. In the past months trading sites and bots have been popping up all over the place and grown in popularity. These services should be seen as an answer to the closing of CSGOLounge (btw you can check our review here). Besides match betting, CSGOLounge used to be everyone’s go-to place for buying and selling an item. Since Lounge has fallen in popularity it has become a lot harder for users to make deals between the each other what created a need for the new platforms.

Because of this recent growth in popularity, Skinhub has decided to make their own trading service with dedicated bots and often stocked with high tier valuable skins. At this moment their store is not very impressive, as it is pretty new, but I believe their inventories will get a lot bigger within the next few weeks.

Also, you can trade up your winnings for better skins and create your own custom cases containing the skins you desire.


skinhub com pros cons


  • Nice design
  • Great reputation
  • Old trustworthy service
  • Odds are not hidden
  • Trade your winnings
  • You can always instantly withdraw items
  • Open multiple cases at once
  • Dedicated platform for trading


  • Pretty high odds
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