is maxidrop com legit?

Is MaxiDrop legit? Overpriced Cases & Unreal Loyalty Program

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is maxidrop com legit?

This is another one of those case opening sites that popped up when Valve banned skins betting. The design is very similar to, and it might be that the .com page is the English version.

It is always a good thing to check how much following they have in their social media accounts. They have linked two accounts on the top of the page. These accounts were Facebook and VK, which is a platform that works like FB but only in Russian.

So the first link was their Facebook, and when I clicked it, It redirected me to a Facebook user account. It is not even a Facebook page but a real live account that they hastily created just so that they can put a link. There are only a couple of pictures in here, no friends, and basically empty.

The next one I looked up was their VK account. This one is very different from the Facebook page: very organized, with information and updates every few days. This account also amassed 4.8k followers while their FB has none. Also on their VK account, all the links are always redirected to At this point, I was already suspecting that the RU site is the real one and the .com is an impostor. So I did the next best thing and researched more.

I hopped on Everything looks the same albeit from the language, with the RU site being in full Russian. The first thing I did was check the links on the social media accounts. To my surprise, all the links redirect to the same pages. The hastily created account for Facebook and the already established VK account.

Being in its middle stages, I could not find anything in Google regarding their reputation or background. The user count itself has 22 people online, but there are 29k users registered. With that kind of numbers, it tells us one thing. This is a dying service. They have not even reached a full year yet but they already have no users logging in.

On the FAQ’s page, they are claiming that they are in its beta stages, and still working out on bugs and crashes. It is not a bad thing. At least they have the courage to admit that the design is not perfect yet. They even post the bugs that they have found out and fixed on VK. I’ll commend them on that one.

Overall, Maxidrop has some good points and some very bad points, but the bad outweighs the good. For a website running since December 2016, there should be at least a couple of complaints or accolades that are going to surface in Google search. Weird thing is, there is none. Either the people who play there tend to solve problems through the chat support or the site is just basically dead.

I am going to classify this site as Risky due to the reasons I outlined before and what I will cover in the later sections of this review. If you were to ask my opinion though, I would never put my hard earned money on here.

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maxidrop com bonuses promocode free skins

Their referral system is somewhat primitive. They still use links that you need to give out to people to invite them. They also do not have a structured referral system or rules. All it says is, and I will quote what is written on their FAQ’s page, “Extending an invite link you get 5% of charges your referrals.” That is the only explanation you get from them.

And check this out, the people you pass your link out to, do not even get bonuses for being referred on the platform. There is no free money for new users. There is no incentive for people to join here and waste their time and money if you are not going to give them a teaser for it. Their system is flawed right from the start.

If you still want to try opening cases here, then feel free to register using our link.


maxidrop com fees commissions house edge

The prices for their cases are too ridiculously high. For example, they sell the Industrial Grade box for $0.25. On other unboxing services, you can get a higher quality crate for $0.05 more since the common cost for the Mil-Spec boxes is $0.30.

The prices of their Collections cases are also very erratic. For example, Assault Collection on other platforms cost $2.80. Here on MaxiDrop, they will charge you $5.34 for the same stuff! Talk about ludicrous. Most of their boxes in their Collections arsenal are overpriced by a margin of $0.20 or more.

Basically, this is not a CS:GO box opening site where you can have fun and make a little profit. This has become a cashcow of the owner and they are bleeding their users dry and ripping them off. The returns on the items you sell back most of the time won’t cover the price of the crate.


cs go skins boxes siteThey do have a couple of good features here. The first one is the cost for of their standard CS:GO cases. They only charge you for the price of the key used to open those boxes which they base on the Steam market.

The second one is the Loyalty Program. Everytime you unbox, you gain experience points. And when you have enough experience points, you gain a level. Their Loyalty Program states that you will be guaranteed to receive an expensive drop the higher the level you have.

Now here comes the bad features of MaxiDrop, and it all revolves around their Leveling system. The cheaper the case you are opening, the lower the experience points it gives. Here is an example, their cheapest one is the Industrial Grade box which costs $0.25. Opening it gives you 14 XP. You start out at Level 1 here, and the experience points needed to be able to hit Level 2 is 2000 XP.

So if you plan on getting to the next level and aiming for the “guaranteed” expensive drop and just open the cheapest crate to get there, you would need to open 143 Industrial Grade boxes which amount to $35.75. And you would end up with very low valued skins, which would be 95% of the lot. I would consider you a very lucky person if you get an AK-47 Predator Factory New that costs around $12.00, but that would not put you break even.

The next bad feature is their “Bonus” cases. This is directly tied into their Loyalty Program. This is where you are “guaranteed” to get expensive skins. The first one in the Bonus tier will guarantee you an item that is worth between $10 to $70. There are two drawbacks to that. The first one is, you have to reach Level 5 first before you become eligible in the lowest tier of their “Bonus” boxes. The second drawback is that they actually raffle the skin between users.

In short, you have to pay an insane amount of money to be eligible to join a giveaway. You are actually paying them to give you a chance to win an item that will not even recoup your losses. Other than that, I only see a few names that constantly win the giveaways. At this point, I am not even entirely sure if some these users are real people or just accounts made by the owner just for show.


maxidrop com pros cons


  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • 4.8k followers on VK
  • Skins, major credit cards, and pay merchants are accepted for deposit


  • Facebook account is fake
  • No giveaways or promotions for new users
  • Insanely overpriced cases
  • No incentives for new users from referrals
  • High deposit threshold set at $5.00
  • Very few users playing on the site
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