is kuycase com legit?

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is kuycase com legit?

When it comes to although opinions on the internet aren’t too positive, there are other factors that contribute towards the website being legit.

First and foremost, the platform has a big following on social media. On Facebook the kuycase page has 4000+ likes. While that doesn’t seem too impressive it is a solid number. The real difference comes when we look at their Twitter though which has 15,000+ followers. In terms of social media, the service is definitely doing very well and that’s always a good thing.

When it comes to the opinions on the internet, the biggest complaint about them seems to be that the website doesn’t let people properly withdraw their winnings. While bugs like that happen sometimes, there are also other people that have said that although their withdrawals were delayed they eventually got their winnings.

One other negative that can be mentioned about the platform is the design of it. Although a design isn’t a big deal, this one, in particular, looks rather childish and it seems to be centered towards a younger audience. It’s impossible to tell whether that’s intentional or if it’s done with the purpose of having a fun and colorful design. Either way, it’s something worth mentioning however it should be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s also worth mentioning that support staff seems to have a good reputation. Although withdrawals are sometimes slow, people have noted that in the case of a slow withdrawal the support staff is very helpful and receptive. Definitely a good sign for kuycase as an active support staff is vital for a CS:GO case opening website.

Overall kuycase seems legit and doesn’t feel like it’s a scam. Yes, there have been some complaints and yes the design of the service seems a little shady. But the big following the website has on social media coupled with the fact that there are still positive reviews and opinions seems to point that it’s safe and not a scam at all. Not to mention that the Twitter account is very engaging.

Upon taking a closer look at it, the operator of the account tries to engage with the followers. This is definitely a good sign considering how a lot of websites like this one aren’t very active on social media and even if they are, it’s mostly to promote features or bonuses. That is not the case here and even though they do promote their bonuses, they also try to be fun and engaging towards their user base.

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kuycase com bonus promo code free coins

There are two different types of promotions offered here. First up you can use our special code CSNINJA which will grant you some free money through the referral system. The system is very similar to the referral system on any other website. You input a friend’s code and it not only gives them a percentage from their deposits but it also gives you bonus money to open cases with. With every referral a person gets the more rewards he’ll get based on his referral rank.

kuycase com bonus promo code free skins

Other than that there’s the bonus pizza feature which can give you unlimited free stuff. The way it works is with every 10 cases you open you get a “slice” which you can “eat” in order to get something. You can also add their URL to your steam name in order to get another bonus slice with every deposit you make. Lastly, there is also a daily reward which is self-explanatory. Overall the promos here are pretty decent and are definitely worth checking out.


kuycase com fees commissions house edge

Compared to other CS:GO unboxing services the prices on kuycase are standard. Nothing too groundbreaking or crazy. It’s worth mentioning however that with the rewards the website provides from the “Bonus Pizza” feature the prices for cases can be reduced by quite a bit which is very nice.


cs go case opening site skins

In terms of unique features, kuycase doesn’t really provide anything unique other than the “Pizza” option. And even that isn’t too unique, it mostly just has a unique feel to it because of its name and design. But in terms of how it works there are other unboxing platforms that offer similar features. Overall while this website doesn’t provide anything different from others, it provides the basic things which are needed for a service like this.


kuycase com pros cons


  • Colorful and fun design (could be interpreted as a bait towards a younger audience)
  • Solid bonuses
  • Great following on social media. Engaging Twitter account
  • Decent case prices which are improved with the rewards the website offers
  • The support staff has a good reputation
  • Well made FAQ which will easily help people who are new to case opening websites


  • Slightly negative reviews on the internet
  • No unique features
  • Not a lot of options when it comes to cases
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