is killcase com legit?

Is legit? New Case Opening Platform

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is killcase com legit?

This is another case opening website for the Steam community of CS:GO players, allowing them to purchase unopened boxes by type for a chance to get some cool weapons and other in game items. When looking at the information for on Scam Advisor, they rate it with a median score of 52% safe. The reasons given for the lower score are that the platform is not even a year old yet and the owners are masking their true identity by utilizing a Whois privacy service.

While Scam Advisor stresses that this does not make a scam alone, they do warn that these factors are usually always found when a non legit site is discovered. Because they do not have any more information, due to the young age of URL, they advise that users be prudent and watch for any signs of fraud.

Easy Counter finds the same info as Scam Advisor does, but they add that this is a website with good servers, which load webpages fast and that it has an Alexa rating of 79,344. The High Alexa ranking shows that it is at least a popular service in terms of global traffic. While 19% of the traffic that visits them are from Turkey, the majority come from Brazil, the USA, Germany and France combined.

They are not ranked in Google page Rank and have a Yandex score of 0. They do have a strong social media following, with 131 thousand Facebook shares, but no twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or StumbleUpon. Google+ shows 3 only pluses.

The Steam Community Forums have a split crowd, half think that Killcase is legit and claim that they have had no issues. These posts are all one liners with no details on what was won, received or transacted, for that matter. The other half is the nay-sayers of the platform. Some are the hardcore believers that every skin gambling site is a scam, others claim that they do not know how legit it is but assume it is a scam and then a small number of people claim they won items or deposited money and are now out their money and items.

Whether or not is another CS:GO scam site or the real deal is still too close to call presently. The advice would be to tread carefully and do not wait if you have any issue with your account. Contact them immediately, take screenshots of everything and cover all bases in case you need to dispute things with PayPal for example.

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killcase com bonuses promocode free coinsThey haves a page named Gallery. The link can be found at the very top of the page. Once you click on gallery, you are shown images that appear to have been either uploaded manually by users or even simply added by the admin of the site. Some of these images show Killcase coupon codes. The majority of them are affiliate promo codes that are used to give you a small bonus for signing up and the same to the referring person who posted the affiliate code. If you want to support csgolegit website for the job that we are doing here, then feel free to use our link to register.

They also have a Giveaway page that features a raffle/sweepstakes entry. It appears to be a daily event and you must have credits to enter the chance to win.

The other way to get free coins from is not a promotional code, but rather a partnership. If you have some YouTube subscribers on your channel, they will validate that and then simply pay you for the video integration.

Other than what has been mentioned here, no other promotions have been found here.


killcase com fees commissions house edgeFees on this platform are standard PayPal fees for withdrawing. The exact fee schedule for PayPal is 2.9%. Whether or not is taking a fee off of the top of deposits is not known and there have not been enough transactions to properly value the credits vs the deposits.


cs go skins unboxing siteThis is a simplistic styled CS: GO case opening service that allows you the opportunity to deposit money into your account, which will be automatically converted into site credits. These can then be used to buy the variety of boxes offered. Once you win a skin, it will be sent to your profile page. All you have to do is visit the page on the website and choose to withdraw and your item will be automatically sent to your Steam inventory. Make sure you have your Steam inventory set to public and have been issued no less than 60 days prior.

The sponsorship program requires a lvl3 with Steam and at least some Game Playing time recorded, while the affiliate program requires your referrals to have had played on Steam for at least 10 hours. To withdraw any skins that have been won by opening CS: GO cases, all users must have deposited at least $10.00 worth of credits to their account. Boxes range from just 3 cents each to as high in $200.00 USD and there is no limit to the number of crates that can be opened.

If you want a bit more excitement, they have a section in the left sidebar that features Online drops of various weaponry. Clicking on the item will bring you to a page for the case in which that item is in. You can then simply get it or choose to do a random item pull.


killcase com pros cons


  • Website is very clean and crisp in design
  • Market rates are on par with other CS:GO skins betting websites
  • PayPal as only deposit method helps to protect buyers
  • All items are relevant with very few “penny” skins


  • Brand new website with no history to look at for device
  • Inflated website traffic statistics displayed on the pages?
  • Very slow customer service response time
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