is holyboost com legit?

Is Holyboost Legit? Promo Code CSNINJA to Get Free Coins!

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is holyboost com legit?

Holyboost is a brand new csgo case opening site sponsoring YouTuber and streamer m0E as well as other smaller channels. The entire template is built upon cars this includes sound effects, cars representing various crates and layout. It is a good idea to lower your sound before accessing the service since a very loud engine starts as soon as the webpage loads. Be aware that there is a very similar loud engine buzzing when you open an actual case.

Holyboost is definitely legit and scores great in various ratings and sponsor m0E which undeniably gives some creditability. The withdrawal system is always up and working and I have not found any posts or comments about missing payments or problems with adding funds. There are almost always more than a thousand users online and active averaging about 1350 unique profiles. This obviously drops at night etc. but it is still a very good number for such service. Besides users’ counter, they have also implemented a “Top drops” which is basically just all the latest dropped skins.

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holyboost com bonuses promocode free skins

If you want to try out the platform before depositing your own items or real cash I highly suggest you to use our Holyboost Promo code csninja to get yourself $0.60 for free. For this money, you can either open up one of the official cases or 1 of the countless community made crates. If luck is on your side and you snag up a cool item just withdraw it instead of selling it back. These services are made to profit and the odds are always against you. Withdrawal is not possible unless you have deposited at least 1 $ either real cash or skins value which is to avoid people from making fake accounts and abusing the affiliate system.

holyboost com promo code bonus free money

Besides our promotional code, you can open 1 daily car containing from 1 cent to a Flip Knife | Lore (Field-Tested). The last way of earning some free skins is by creating your own car crate and share it with friends, communities and online forums to make people open your box. There is a 1 % affiliate tax on your own drops so making a crate worth 10 bucks will earn you 10 bucks when it has been opened 100 times. This is mostly beneficial to popular Youtubers or streamers but if you know a forum where people are likely to gamble chances are you might make a few bucks for free.


holyboost com fees commissions house edge

There is no real house edge on Holyboost though you should be aware of the fact that skins are valued lower when depositing and the odds will always favor the house rather than the player which means chances of you being in negative rises as you spend money on the site. You always need to understand that when the luck is on your side and you managed to win a huge amount – stop playing and withdraw winnings.


csgo drop skins site

Holyboost has a ton of features the most noticeable being their car theme which shines through everything on the site. For some reason it has gotten quite popular to give gambling platforms themes like we have already seen with Drakewing (Star Wars), Drakemoon (Pokemoon), Drakelounge (DragonBall-Z) and Wildcase with their jungle inspired layout.

A very convenient feature is a skin exchange which lets you trade your winnings for the other items if those are not in stock or simply not a something you like. It is very useful and is one of the reasons the withdrawal system is so well working compared to Drakemoon for an example.

In the top right corner a calendar looking sign will show up, click it and it will direct you to the statistics page. Here is shown “Drop History” which is all skins won, “Withdraw/Deposit History” explains itself and “Payments History” which is real cash only. Keep in mind that you can actually deposit with real payment methods but withdrawals are available in skins only. Since in-game items are worth less when selling them for real cash I would highly suggest you depositing with those. Some sites give various bonuses and benefits when using G2A but Holyboost does not and it is, therefore, more beneficial to buy stuff on OPSkins, BitSkins or Steammarket to mention a few instead of using G2A Pay.

When playing you might want to know the exact drop percentage for the each car, this will be shown by marking the box in the right top corner of “Possible Drops” – the odds will be in % so it should be no problem, unlike Drakemoon which has a way more complicated system.


holyboost com pros consPros
–    Many giveaways on Twitter and other social medias
–    Great reliability and reputation, sponsoring big YouTube channels such as m0E
–    Daily free drop
–    Unique design

–    The odds are greatly favoring the house
–    Real cash deposits have no bonuses

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