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Most of the CSGO players are looking for betting websites that could give them the dream skins or items that they want in their inventory. You should always take note that none of these CSGO gambling services aren’t associated with Steam or any other similar platform. However, I was wondering how come they would still need us to log in with Steam account if they are not connected with each other?

Since there are so many users who are satisfied with this service, they don’t seem to find any problem with both Steam and their CSGO wagering platforms like HappyCSGO. Speaking of this website, it is going to be the one that I’m reviewing right now. I am going to reveal some of the scam cases or claims from other sources for you to see if it’s legit or not. Without further ado, let us get started with this review right now.

As I have searched for different sources, I found Youtube to be helpful to see how they address their concerns against HappyCSGO.com. Let’s start off by taking a look at Zach Steams’ claim. On March 8th of 2017, he uploaded a video telling everyone that Happy CSGO scammed him for $60 worth of skins in his inventory. Furthermore, he said that this is the worst scam that he has ever experienced in his life. As you may notice, this site is also known as CSGO-Happy.Ru.

The only difference between these two sites is the translation. Both of these domains are counted as one. One is exclusive for Russian players, and the other is for English ones. Going back to this scam case, it seems that Zach’s voice is so calm instead of having one that complains. I think Zach just posted this video because he wasn’t lucky with his bets. He is just trying to ruin the reputation of HappyCSGO and definitely has gambling problems, playing with amounts that he cannot afford to loose.

Another scam issue happened on the EpicNPC forum. I am sure that a user named HAPPYCSGOLUCKY is not anyhow connected or affiliated with the HappyCSGO website. Eventually, this user was banned from this forum due to the virus links. Even his nickname is related to the gambling service that we review today, there is absolutely miserable chance that actual owners are anyhow connected to this scam attempt.

HappyCSGO has a lot of users, but some of them got frustrated because of their loss. When it comes to betting, there’s always a chance that you may lose sometimes. It’s part of the gambling world that you’re going to lose something, especially when you want these skins badly and making decisions in hurry. You’ve got to deal with it. Since there are lots of loyal users around the corner, there is no doubt that HappyCSGO is honest, legitimate and reliable.

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happycsgo com bonuses free money promocode

You can use our link to register here and receive 500 coins for free. Some daily bonus codes can be also found on the main page of the service.


happycsgo com house edge fees commissions

As for this site’s margins, it varies. They have a classic case and contacts games like any other CSGO betting sites out there. (Most of the times HappyCSGO offers a lot of discounted items to buy, so you can get your case or contact really cheap). Not only that, they feature time limited fun such as Wheel of Happiness. This is available for you once per day and rewards you with free stuff.


cs go betting games legit

The interface is kind of unique and is different from the other CSGO gambling platforms that I have seen before. I like its web structure. Not only that, they have a classic high-low bet game and Wheel of Fortune at the same time. What makes this site different than the others is that you can log into using both Steam and VK. They also have an active community forum hosted by Steam. It is also possible to earn money by referring new players to the platform.


happycsgo com pros cons

Daily freebies

Once every 24 hours, you will get a daily freebie of $0.20 or more (depends on your level). However, I notice that they took a $0.03 fee for availing this, which results to only $0.17 per 24 hours. Not bad for a small token, huh?

Nonstop promos and bonuses

When I visit their website, it seems that they are offering numerous promos for a limited time, I don’t need to name them one by one, but you’ve got to see it for yourself.

Multiple payment options

As what I have seen here, they are offering different payment options such as Visa, Webmoney, etc.


No active chat room

It is really weird that there is no chatbox where you can communicate with other users or moderators.

Support communication isn’t clear in FAQ

They do have a contact button on the right side, but there are no other methods to receive help, such as email.

I hope you like my HappyCSGO review, guys! This is just my own opinion regarding them, and it is up to you whether to take this or not. Cheers!

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