is flamecases com legit?

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is flamecases com legit?

Even at first glance, it seems like an alright website. Looks can be deceiving of course so I had to check for myself to see how legit it is.

Starting off with the usercount, there’s around 100 to 300 users at any given time. Not the most impressive number but it’s a decent amount. The real kicker is when we get to the social media accounts where flamecases has 3k+ likes and followers on facebook as well as almost 10k followers on twitter. Not to mention that the social media accounts interact with the followers. This is a very good sign and it speaks towards the website’s legitimacy.

Social media isn’t everything though so I had to look up the service on google. And I was pleasantly surprised because while there wasn’t much information, the reviews and feedbacks that I did find were for the most part positive. There wasn’t really any complaints from people which is very surprising. Usually any unboxing platform has at least some complaints or negative comments thrown towards it. That’s not the case here and the feedback seems fairly positive.

The website itself has a good look to it. Unlike other case opening services it doesn’t have a childish look that tries to bait a younger audience. While in-general you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that applies to websites as well, the look of a page can also tell us a lot. If it’s clearly trying to target a younger audience then it alerts you the intentions of the owners is oriented towards making as much money as possible. And in order to do that they have to draw in users from different kind of ages. All of this doesn’t apply to flamecases though because the website has a normal look. Certainly another good sign towards its legitimacy.

The support staff also seems good. There hasn’t been any complaints towards them and it is stated that they reply within 48 hours in regards to any issues you may be having. That’s a decently fast response time.

Flamecases definitely seems like one of the safest websites you could use if you want to open CS:GO cases. Not only does it have a good following on social media but there’s also a decent amount of online users at any given time. Compared to other less reliable platforms, this one seems like it’s perfectly fine.

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flamecases com bonus promocode free coins

They have also standard affiliates system which here is called a “Partner System“. It works the same as with other similar websites. You have your own URL/Promocode that you can give to someone else. If they use it while registering, they will get bonus funds that they can use to open cases. Meanwhile you will receive them as a referral and you’ll get 5% from their deposits. These bonuses increase your level up in the system. Nothing too unique, it’s just the standard referral system but with a different name.

What is worth mentioning though is the fact that flamecases provides a free case option. Basically the way it works is you have to open a box in 24 hours after the free crate has been added and you need to click the “Participate” button under the “Free case” tab. By doing this you are automatically entered into the contest and after the countdown is finished, a random winner receives one random item from one of the cases listed below. The item is sold within 5 hours after the win.

Aside from this site also offers giveaways which are obviously nice. Overall the website has decent bonuses and ways to earn extra funds or items.


flamecases com fee commissions house edgeSurprisingly enough the box prices on flamecases are pretty good. There’s a lot of cheap cases that can be opened for those that don’t have that much money available. There’s also a lot of variety. While there are cheap crates there’s also expensive ones for people that want to spend a lot. Overall the prices are quite good especially compared to other case opening websites. The only downside to the prices is that there’s no drop rates stated. So you don’t really know what your chances of winning something you like are.


cs go drop case skins siteUnfortunately for flamecases aside from the “Free Case” option, the website doesn’t offer any unique features whatsoever. Although most things on it are positive and good, the fact that there aren’t any unique features is definitely a downside. That being said I’d take a safe to use service with no unique features over an unsafe one with a lot of features any day of the week.


flamecases com pros cons


  • Very positive feedback and reviews, seems very safe to use
  • Good case prices
  • Good social media following
  • Solid bonuses
  • Pleasing to look at design


  • No unique features
  • Drop rates are undisclosed
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