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Before I would review Farmskins, I want to open up something to everyone. I know that most of you here are sick and tired of these scams swirling around the corner. I also know that not all of the CSGO betting websites are legitimate. However, I also believe that not all of them are a scam either. When it comes to gambling, expect that there is a chance to lose a lot of stuff. Please take a note that the house would always win in the long run, so you need to find a perfect moment to quit. Those addicted guys, who have no power to stop wagering, pretty often would spread a bad word across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube blaming the casino for their loss.

I understand that frustration always comes in after losing a lot of stuff on a gambling site. It is applicable for the CSGO betting services as well. To tell you honestly guys, I’ve seen a lot of CSGO wagering platforms. I have experience playing on them to get some skins and rare items. Some of them are living up to their promise by following their terms and conditions for depositing, withdrawing and playing with them at the same time.

As for the other ones, it is a learning experience for me which I am sharing with you here on this website. You can’t win it all, you know? At the end of the day, it is all about learning from your losses in gambling. Kindly take note that you cannot make a good fortune by focusing on gaming alone, especially in CSGO. Just do this for fun, only spend what you could afford to lose.

Without further ado, I would like to get started with my Farmskins.com review by revealing some few scam cases that I have found on the internet. Here’s what I think about these fraud issues that I found recently.

A forum thread from HLTV started by maoaN claimed that this platform scammed him of his inventory. It all began when he opened a troll case worth 0.29€ and received a rare AWP Medusa skin. He was so excited with the unique item after opening the case. He took a screenshot as a proof or evidence in sharing to his friends. After he had won the AWP Medusa item, he checked his inventory. It turns out that he only received a TEC9 worth 10 cents. As a result, he asked the customer support about why he did not get the expensive AWP?

One of the customer support representatives asked him if he have recorded a video about his AWP Medusa drop? He wondered about the customer support’s statement of requiring a video as proof instead of an image. After several tweets and emails to them, maoaN didn’t get any fair reply. As a result, he is discouraging everyone not to deal with the website anymore as they are not legit.

A Youtube CSGO sensation named Florian_Oconner has a video entitled “Farmskins true shit or scam.” Most of the comments that I have seen were saying that platform is a scam. One of the guys from the comment section deposited $7 and could not withdraw items. Another one stated that he had lost all of the skins he has won before. However, there’s another one who said that he got an AK-47 Redline MW and claimed that Farmskins is legit.

What is my point in revealing all of these scam cases? There are a lot of users who are playing at this site and satisfied with their results and conversely a lot of fraud accusations. At the end of the day, your experience will be the best teacher. I’m here not to encourage or discourage you from trying this service. I’m only sharing you these cases whether you want to believe them or not.

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farmskins com fees commissions house edge

I think the prices for the cases here are pretty much the same as on any other unboxing service. As you may know the house will always win in the long term, so if you had a success of winning rare skins, don’t lose your head and make a withdrawal. My another piece of advice is that you should bet an amount that you can afford to lose.


cs go skins open cases boxes

This is a well designed case opening website. They also have a live support at the bottom right corner. You can earn some extra credits through their partnership program by inviting your friends using the referral code. They are also offering sponsorship for Youtube channels who have at least 15,000 subscribers and focusing on CSGO niche.


farmskins com pros cons

A lot of cases to choose from

As what I have seen at Farmskins, they’re displaying tons of cool skins to unbox with your balance. They are divided into separate types (Knives, Covert, Classified, Restricted, Mil-Spec and Stattrak™).

Daily bonus

You can open a box that is available for you for free at their daily bonus feature.

Multiple payment options

If you want to deposit, they are accepting payments with G2A, Skin2Pay and any valid promo code that you have redeemed from other sources.


Bad reputation

It seems there’s a lot of bad stuff happened in their past, so the owners should do something to fix this and win back their reputation.

Poor customer support

If they want to become more legitimate, they should not to ignore complaints coming from frustrated users.

I hope you liked my Farmskins review. Thank you very much for taking your time to read. Game on!

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