is emerald gg legit?

Is legit? A Lot of Options to Earn Free Money!

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is emerald gg legit?

This is a new CS:GO case drop website that allows you to open boxes for a fee before you know for sure what item is within the crate. Scam Advisor gives it a score of 82% safe, with the only penalty being that the URL is only 202 days old. They do say that this does not mean that is not a legit website, rather that there is no real information gathered or a reputation built for the service. They say to treat it with caution and use common sense when first dealing with these types of platforms.

Easy Counter echoes the sentiments of Scam Advisor in saying that it is a new website that has not given any indication of being a scam set up. They do go on to say that the platform has a higher global ranking in Alexa, coming in at 127,499 globally. They are currently receiving 6,600 daily visitors, who in total are generating 14,600 page views daily. Hosted on Cloudfare servers, the service is very fast and pages load in a breeze.

The owner of the site is fully transparent, not hiding behind a Whois privacy service, which is another great sign to see. Most of the traffic comes from the USA, with India a close second. Germany, Turkey and Italy round out the top 5 traffic sources, making up over 44% of the users flowing throw here.

The platform has been on a downward trend in page views since April, where they enjoyed 30 thousand per day. This represents a 50% drop in page views, but might be explained by the website being optimized and condensing several pages into a smoother, more responsive design, requiring fewer pages.

Google PageRank and Yandex both have zero scoring here, but has been granted the status of safe browsing by Google’s team. The social media following is modest at best, with only a little over 200 Facebook shares and no Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest activity at all.

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emerald gg bonuses promocode free moneyAs with many online skin related platforms, the only promotional codes that are available are ones generated by users of the site. These promo code eninja will get you some extra free credits that you can use right away for the action!

emerald gg bonus promo code free coins

They do, however, give everyone a chance to get some free cases for loyalty type activities. Connecting your Twitter account, changing your avatar and adding their name to your Steam Name will get you a total of 3 free spins. Deposit some money and that gets you another free spin.

Depositing at least $5.00 via G2APay will get you a free entry in the sweepstakes giveaway, which offers a specific weapon. You get an entry for depositing $5 via skins, as well. Every $5 that you deposit gets you another entry in the sweepstakes, which is held multiple times daily.

In addition to all of this, they have still more ways to get free emeralds. The first is by getting people to open your cases. Every time someone opens one of your boxes, you get 1% of the price. If you open cases while you have their URL added to the back of your Steam name, you get 1% cashback on what you paid for the box. Send them referrals and you get percentages there too. Finally, the more referrals you send, the higher level they award you and then the amount of free money goes up.


emerald gg fees commissionshouse edgeSince there is no real place for em to impose a fee, except taking off the top of deposits, which is not measurable, there are no fees for users here. While the website is obviously making money, it usually is provided by the extra content and upsells.


cs go skins unboxing siteDrop websites, or unboxing services as they are also called offer some great ways to get cool prizes for under market value. is a case opening site that has gone to the next level and attempted to legitimize the process after countless others have come and gone, scamming everyone they could along the way. has decided to change the thought on skin unboxing platforms specifically.

They have included the Provably fair method to ensure crate randomness. The result of each and every case opening is publicly listed, using the hash and basic server info. Anyone can view the results and see that the unboxing was truly random and no one, owners of the service, users or server administrators could have manipulated the results.

This is not something you expect to find on a site like that and the voluntary transparency and proof of fairness goes beyond what is needed to simply trust The box buying procedure itself is the same as the other services. The pricing structure is a bit closer to the high end of the market than what is usually seen, but the opportunity to earn free credits makes that an obsolete topic for this discussion.

Skins that are found in crates, free or paid are transferred directly to your profile. Once there, you can choose when to withdraw them or simply reinvest them. The transaction to your Steam Inventory is very fast and seamless, even when the Steam servers are not at their best. The website even features newer technology and a sleek, crisp and clean interface that you want to see when you go to a platform that is going to become the home for your money, even if only temporarily.


emerald gg pros cons


  • Provably Fair Method Used Publicly
  • Tons of Free coin opportunities
  • Tons of positive user comments through Steam
  • Great product selection with hardly any cheap items


  • Not as fast paced as it could be
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