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Yes – CSGOLive is indeed legit and one of the most trustworthy case opening platforms on the internet. There are no serious reports of any frauds behind the scenes and no reports of missing payments and cash-outs. This is one of the most popular unboxing services within the csgo gambling community and sponsors many YouTubers which most certainly increase their trustworthiness. The site was one of the first platforms of its kind to allow their users to create custom crates.

The community cases are basically made by the users and this feature allows everyone to turn a little profit by sharing their creations. As mentioned already, CSGOLive is not only legit but one of my personal favorite services and they have your winnings in stock almost all the time. Only very expensive or extremely rare skins might not be in stock at a certain time but will be available within days or you can sell them to SKFPay.

If you are still questioning the integrity of the site, just look at its sponsored YouTubers – WatchgamesTV, Juicy and Fatnoob, just to name a few. CSGOLive is very active on social medias and Twitter in particular. They often post giveaways and random user’s winnings. An active Twitter account is another way to gain trust within the csgo gambling scene and just adds to their already great reputation.

You have no worries as to depositing skins on to their service. Deposits are fast and secure and so are the withdrawals.

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csgolive bonuses promocode free moneyBy using our CSGOLive.com Affiliate code esportsninja you will get yourself 40 cents to play around on with the site. I myself won a $2 skin using this bonus and withdrew it quickly afterward. The chance of hitting the jackpot is obviously very low but you can certainly win some nice items with the free balance if luck is on your side.

Besides our promo code, you can earn yourself a free case to open every single day of having their name in your Steam tag. Just type their URL in your steam name and you will have the chance to get anything between 5 cents and a super rare knife.

The 3rd and last way to earn some money on the service is by creating a case and sharing it with whoever you want to. The creator of a crate can put on some affiliate tax which means the person who opens your box will pay you between 1 – 3 % of the price. This money can be collected under the “affiliates” tab. Many people tend to share their crates with popular YouTubers in the hope that he or she will open it for the benefit of themselves.

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csgolive com fees commissions house edgeAs with other services of its kind, they do not take any house edge – at least directly. The odds will always favor the house and you will always lose in the long term. Your shot for turning in some profit is within a very short term. Everyone can be lucky once or twice and hit the jackpot but for anyone who tries to turn a profit in long term will end up losing, that’s how the odds are working. A typical fifty – fifty case with a $0.1 skin and $100 will cost around $65 even though you will get on average $50 per opening.


cs go unboxing legit site skinsCSGOLive has so many special features compared to the other services counting “Bid for advertisement”, “Affiliate Tax”, their withdrawal system and community cases.

Not all of the features as unique as they used to be but it was certainly Live that started the trend. As with any good idea, other gambling platforms quickly join the hype and add these new features to their own website but it was originally CSGOLive that founded the feature of creating your own crate.

One thing that other services have yet to implement is “Bid for advertisement”. This allows users to pay a certain amount of money to get their personal chosen box promoted on the front page. The reason for why people want to pay more than a 100 $ just to get their product promoted for max 24 hours is because of the affiliate tax. If 1000 people open your crate and it earns you 200 dollars in affiliate taxes it might not be too bad to pay 100 $ or so to get it promoted.

This is a very popular thing to do but can be quite expensive and risky. The way to get promoted is by bidding on one of the 4 spots. As long as you have the highest bid for one specific spot, your box will be shown there for maximum 24 hours. As soon as someone pays more than you to get the spot, your case will be removed and replaced with theirs. The remaining time, if you paid for 24 hours and only 1 hour was spent, will be refunded to your balance. This means you won’t lose any money if someone bids more than you which is very nice.

The affiliate tax works a little different compared to the other platforms. Often it is just 1 percentage or none but here you have the ability to change it yourself.

Their withdrawal system is very nice and if they would not have your skin in stock within 24 hours you can mail the support and get it in stock within a very short time. CSGOLive also offers you to sell your winnings to SKFPay from where you can buy other items or get real money.


csgolive pros consPros

  • Great unique site with very good reliability
  • Unique features not seen anywhere else
  • Very good reputation and no reports of scam
  • Good rating on review services such as Scamadviser


  • The odds are not very good
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