is csgokingdom com legit?

Is CSGOKingdom legit? Case Opening From a Reputable Owner?

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is csgokingdom com legit?

CSGOKingdom is a fairly new site launched in late July. It is purely a case opening service and owned by the famous YouTuber McSkillet. The launch of the platform was pretty controversial because of a few reasons. One of the reasons is the fact that McSkillet himself owns the site while playing on it himself and making YouTube videos about it. We cannot be sure he is not rigging the odds for himself or others to make his videos more popular because of the insane wins.

The biggest reason for the new site launch is so controversial because he went public about CSGOKingdom in the same video where he trash talked about most other popular CSGO case opening services. Do not get me wrong, the things he said about the other platforms were pretty much correct or at least reasonable speculations. The problem is, that in the same video, after telling people how bad these other sites are, he went on to focus on all the beautiful things about his own service. It was full of sell-out and a lot of people including other big YouTubers like m0E got pretty upset about the way things were done.

To put it simple he made the video in such way you got the feeling that he wanted to save you from the bad persons out there while he was your savior, the place to go, the best CSGO unboxing platform – CSGOKingdom. In my opinion, he definitely took it way too far and the video should certainly have been split up into 2 individual videos. If you have not already seen it yet I highly recommend you check it out as it is indeed worth watching. Personally, it changed the way I thought of McSkillet a lot and looking at the Twitter of CSGOKingdom you will see he claims of having the most legitimate site with the best withdraw system etc.

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csgokingdom com bonuses promocode free skinsThere are multiple ways to earn some free balance on CSGOKingdom, all of them can be found by clicking the “Rewards” button. You can enter our code csgoninja to get yourself 50 cents for free. Remember it is a one-time promotional code so use the balance wisely. Besides promo codes, you can earn some cash by joining steam group and changing it to your primary group on Steam.

You can also follow them on Twitter where there will occasionally be held some nice giveaways. The final way is to enter your e-mail address and once in a while, they will send out codes to a few lucky people who can then claim some free money.

csgokingdom com bonus free money promo code


csgokingdom com fees commissinons houde edgeLike any other CSGO case opening site the odds are heavily favoring the house and here the odds will be roughly 10-15 percent for the house. What this means is if you create a case containing a $1000 skin and a worthless Breakout Case and make the odds fifty – fifty the price for opening it once will be a bit more than $550. Statistically speaking this means you are going to pay $1100 for a $1000 skin and please keep in mind this is real money you deposit while items can only be sold for around 60-80 % of their value as real cash.

There is in some way a fee on CSGOKingdom being the affiliate cut, this fee is only to benefit the players and basically every time someone opens your case the site will pay you a small reward for that.


cs go skins boxes cases opening siteThere are some pretty nice features here such as their withdraw system. This feature is by far the most remarkable one and quite unique. As you might know, many CSGO unboxing platforms are very poor at paying out your winnings. It either takes days to restock or some other weird reason not to, often they just want you to sell the winnings and keep the money within their system.

This is not the case with this platform, however, whenever a person wants to withdraw a specific skin it activates a bot that will then immediately try and buy that skin from OPSkins(ninja’s honest review) for you. This means you will almost never have to wait more than 5 minutes max to get the winnings. The only problem with this system is rather rare winnings, the bots are set to only buy skins within a certain price range so sometimes it will not buy your item if there are only very expensive ones for sale at OPSkins.

In that case, you can simply just trade it for another skin worth the same and get it immediately. It is certainly a lot more effective than most other services and one of the main reasons you should play here. Another thing McSkillet has focused a lot on is the legitimacy and the fact that all odds are shown to prove that no one will be scammed.


csgokingdom com pros consPros
–    A great design looks good
–    Probably the best withdraw system you can find
–    Odds are shown, no rigged rolls
–    Great giveaways on social medias such as Twitter

–    Owned by McSkillet while he has played on it himself
–    The way it was launched was quite controversial
–    Odds heavily favor the house

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