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is csgo net legit? is a rather unknown case opening site that works only with the Russian currency Rubles. It is mostly relevant to our Russian audience as within this area it operates the most however the website is accessible worldwide. A quick snatch at their social medias which include only a Facebook and a VK group. While the Facebook group currently has only 67 followers, the VK has more than 37k followers. VK is, of course, the Russian version of Facebook and it gives a strong indication that they focus heavily on their Russian users.

I believe the service is legit but it has certain flaws. The fact that all odds are hidden is somewhat worryingly though it is not a must for a CSGO case opening service to get popular. We have seen platforms like Hellcase get heavily accused of scamming because the drops are not random and sometimes you will not even have a single chance of obtaining the grand prize. The popular YouTuber McSkillet made a video about this problem and I believe it applies to too. It would certainly be nice to have odds shown since they are the basics behind and alpha omega when playing.

I have to credit them for their interactive service message that pops up once in a while. It basically asks you what you would do, in case someone pretending to be a moderator or something related to adds you and tries to scam you. If you choose the wrong answer (Trust me you won’t, they have made it fairly obvious) it will then alert you and inform about the right choice. This might seem a bit silly but it is a great tool to fight the scammers and fraudulent people who impersonate staff members to rip off your belongings.

They have this live drop counter which is almost obligatory for case opening webpages nowadays, however, I do suspect them of faking some of the drops. While most of them are most likely legit I have seen 1 or 2 guys who keep on getting great drops all the time but they both mysteriously have a private Steam profile. This is in no way a straight up accusation of legitimacy but it is a bit odd none or the less.

One thing which I really feel the need to credit them for is their section called “Live-Trades”. It is no surprise that many smaller sites have to prove their legitimacy because there are so many scams nowadays. This feature is something I do not understand why other platforms have yet to integrate. It shows you all withdrawn items from their bots to the users.

Not only does it let you check out their bots, but it completely verifies their system as you can from there, click the user’s Steam profile and see the skin in their respective inventory. This little yet super important feature completely breaks it for me and it is only because of this, that I can verify for sure that withdraws are working. It does of course still not verify if the odds are fair and random but it is none or the less a huge step in the right direction and a big ‘good job’ to the developers.

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csgo net bonuses promocode free skins

Unfortunately, there are not many methods to get some free balance as they have yet to implement an affiliate system. Because of this, we are unable to share any promo codes to you and the only way to get those are by following them on VK. As mentioned, the VK account is way bigger with more than 37k users and it is also only here that promo codes can be found.

If you already have some balance it is possible to win a free skin by opening the most cases of a specific quality such as covert each day. Special rules apply to these giveaways and can be found under the ‘Prizes’ section.


csgo net fees commissions house edgeThere is no way to tell what the house odds might be. It is certain that they will not tax you for buying the cases, obviously, but the exact drops are unknown. This means it is not possible to calculate how much they will pay back per dollar spent but you can be certain it is at least 10-20 %.


csgo drop skins cases site

There are a bunch of features but the one that impressed me by far the most is the “Live-trades”. It basically lets you see all the withdrawals from their bots to the users. It is super great and proves that everything about the withdrawing process is 100 % legit.

The contract is another game on and it just enables you to trade up some of the cheaper skins you have won, for 1 big item that might be worth more or less than the total value of the weapon upgraded, depending on your luck. It is nothing new but still a fun way to get rid of some of the low tier winnings of yours.


csgo net pros is a great platform but unfortunately not too popular outside of Russia. It has some great features however those are also followed by some rather small mistakes. It is mostly appealing to its Russian audience as they use VK mainly and use the Russian currency Rubles. Overall a great alternative to more popular services.

–    Live-trades proofs that withdrawals are legit
–    Nice little site, very simple and easy to use
–    A big variety of cases

–    It does have its flaws talking about design
–    Some of the big winnings are won by hidden profiles
–    Giveaways are not always held as told
–    It only operates with the Russian currency which makes it a bit tough for the average user to know the exact values of a drop

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