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is csdrop pro legit? is another box opening service that has been running for less than a year. Right off the bat, I can already tell that this site is a scam site. I will be explaining the reasons why I came to this conclusion below.

The first thing I checked out was their social media accounts. Their Twitter was registered only in April 2017. They have over 1.5k followers on it with only 5 tweets which were all posted on May 1. After that, the account became inactive.

It is the same thing with their Facebook and Instagram accounts. They were also created in April, just like the Twitter profile. FB page even has the same number of followers and the same posts. This account also became inactive after its last post on May 2. I am already seeing a pattern here.

Their Steam Group is a little bit different. CSDrop has over 20k followers here and they keep posting bullshit giveaways there where no one ever wins. I mean, they spell Daily Free Case as “Dayli”. If a company does not even care to make it correct and presentable, what makes you think they care about the people who are gambling on their site?

Based on their social media accounts, it looks like those followers were bought just to pad up the stats. That is already not a good sign. I then headed to Google to do a little bit of research. What I found was horrifying.

There are multiple threads in the Steam Community exposing this platform. These accusations range from deposits not being credited on users accounts all the way up to missing items in the inventory. It seems that not only they are scamming people out of their money, they are also stealing from them.

Now let us head over to their site itself. CSDrop is actually offering a promo code in their Steam group for $1.00. It sounds fun, right? Like you can open some CSGO cases for free with one dollar. Wrong! You cannot even spend that free $1.00. You need to deposit $5.00 weekly to be able to unbox crates. I mean that is total bullshit. They want you to pay so that you can spend your money. That kind of monkey business is what you need to expect from scam sites like these.

The Daily Free Bonus is also bogus since you need to advertise their site by adding the URL to your Steam Profile. No one has ever won anything from their Daily offer so that is also misleading.

Their FAQ’s page has also a lot of grammatical errors and incorrectly spelled words. This is not really a sign you want to see if you are looking for a good case platform.

There is also an issue of fake reviews that are made on TrustPilot. Technically the company has just started recently, around April, but there are already reviews which are haphazardly written back in 2016. Either those reviews are bought, or the owners of the website themselves write their own feedbacks to get the higher rating.

Let me add one last thing. A lot of users have complained that platform does not actually have items they are offering in their cases in stock. That is the reason for the delayed withdrawals.

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csdrop pro bonuses promocode free skinsCSDrop offers a $1 promo code but the kicker is, you cannot spend it without depositing $5.00. That to me is a total ripoff. If you are still interested, the code is CSNINJA.

csdrop pro bonus promo code free coins


csdrop pro fees commissions house edgeThey display all the drops from the cases you are going to be purchasing, but what they do not display is the rates for getting items. The odds actually favor the house in that case since they can just rig the drops so that no one will get anything good from the crates.


cs go drop cases site skinsThey do not have any outstanding features that set them apart from other case opening sites. The only unique thing they actually offer is the Sticker Pack, where you get a chance to get stickers that you can put on your guns. The Sticker Pack is only offered here in as I have not seen it anywhere on other unboxing services.

They do have Branded Cases as well but the drops you can get from them are mediocre and they also cost a lot more than other branded crates on other platforms.


csdrop pro pros cons


  • Multiple ways of adding credits to the account
  • Sticker Pack opening


  • Cases are ridiculously expensive
  • Have to make a weekly deposit of $5.00 just to even unbox items
  • Need to advertise the site to be eligible for Daily Free Bonus
  • Very bad reputation in the Steam Community
  • Inactive Social Media Accounts
  • Free money from promo code cannot be used without depositing
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