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Is Cases4real.com legit? Weird Case Opening Service

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Cases4real.com is a case opening site which requires its users to level up before being able to access certain drops. At first sight, the platform seems very sketchy and the more I go in depth with the platform and googling it I must admit I am a bit concerned with the integrity of the service. I’ll go over everything I found out as I was testing out the site and we will start with the design itself.

The design seems very poor, it doesn’t look appealing or smooth and I personally wouldn’t use the service just because of the look of it. They use a very weird system which requires you to deposit money in order to pay for another box. You basically have to pay, just to be able to spend money.

Going on, there is very poor translation all over the template. The English is very bad and almost impossible to understand in certain scenarios. It seems like it has been translated with Google Translate and the sentences are not in the right order. Examples of such could be “May good luck be with you” and “feedback can be left only after case opened” obviously this is not very well translated and to me is just another warning sign.

They have a user feedback section where people who used their service can post positive feedback only. They have only received feedbacks from 4 users within the last 5 months despite claiming to have many thousand users. Only 2 of these 4 feedbacks seems somewhat legit, the 2 others look like the fake ones because of irrelevant information provided.

I read Cases4real.com User Agreement in which it is disclosed that the business behind is owned by a person in United Arab Emirates, this also explains the poor English but it is up to you to judge if this is good or not. Personally, I would feel more safe playing on European or American owned websites but that is completely up to you.

I googled the safety of the platform and unfortunately, it scored worryingly low on all services. Besides very low scores and warnings of fraud, there were countless reports of people getting scammed. In most of these reports, the person was not able to withdraw his or her winnings and the support refused to help in any regards.

They have their own YouTube channel with 8k subscribers where they post different sort of videos. One of the videos was a fragmovie from a tournament held by them. This tournament, however, is not on HLTV and could easily be fake and a way to gain trust.

The last thing that makes my alarms ringing is their domain name. As soon as you click away from the site and jump to another window in Chrome (might be another browser for you) the domain name swiftly changes from cases4real.com to things like “Come back these cases doesn’t open themselves!” and “Come back we need you here!” Obviously, this isn’t something very bad but it is just a thing you often encounter on fraudulent services.

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cases4real com bonuses promocode free moneyI would highly recommend you to not deposit your own money to Cases4Real.com. You can try out our code CSNINJA and open a case for free without any risk of getting scammed. If you win something I would suggest trying to pull it out immediately. They send your skins back after 24 hours which is a way to make you keep on gambling. Worst case scenario is that you will not be able to withdraw your win but at least it was for free.

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cs go cases boxes site legitOne weird feature I’m not really a fan of is the requirements to certain drops on the site. All of the cheap cases require a deposit before you can open them. I am pretty certain this is just another way to try and make people deposit as much as possible.

You can apparently also gain levels by depositing crazy amounts and open certain VIP crates for free when you hit those levels. When you hit level 5 it apparently unlocks the level 5 VIP drop which no doubt is complete bullshit. They actually try to convince you that when hitting lvl 5 you can, for free, open a case that in worst scenario rewards you with a 350 $ knife all the way up to a $2000 AWP Dragon Lore.

There is absolutely no chance what so ever that this is real. No site would just give away so much money for free unless it is a part of a promotion campaign as we often see giveaways on Twitter. If something seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true.


cases4real com pros consPros

  • Free money with our code CSNINJA


  • Extremely poor looking site which only reminds me of a scam service
  • Very bad customer support
  • Poor translation and possibly fake tournaments
  • Fake promotions
  • A lot of their services require minimum deposit to use
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