is caserandom com legit?

Is Caserandom legit? Shady CS:GO Case Opening Platform

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is caserandom com legit?

Caserandom is a pretty new site and has caused some controversy. Its reputation is not so good and there are serious accusations against it. The very popular Youtuber Zuri has gone public on Twitter and directly called them a scam platform. This has caused somewhat of an uproar since Zuri himself yet advertise for them on his own webpage. It is a very serious matter and it is quite hard to determine whether or not he is right. He certainly not the only one to go public about his opinion about the site as many smaller streamers and Youtubers claim that Caserandom is faking giveaways and rigging odds.

Last but definitely not least, the Twitter account CSGOScamProtector has accused them of faking giveaways too. The people behind this project are quite relevant as their Twitter account has served to ban many scammers and has helped the community to cleanse out some of the bad personalities a lot. The accusations are to be taken seriously and I would be quite careful when depositing onto the site.

It is no lie that Caserandom has stolen their design from more popular gambling platforms like Hellcase(our review) and by doing a quick search on both services you will see that the similarities are major. The only color is slightly changed but the rest is almost identical. This is of course not a very good sign to send and does not help to save their already harmed reputation.

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caserandom com bonuses promocode free moneyIf you do want to try and test the platform on your own, we highly endorse you to use our Caserandom promotion code csgoninja that will give you more than fifty cents for free to test out some cases before opening them for real. If you win anything worth a lot, it is required to deposit at least $5 to withdraw any skins at all. There are no claims that they are not paying out prizes won by users so you should be good to go. The only problem is you almost certainly will get something worth a lot less than your $5 deposited so unless you win something big and valuable from the free money given by our promo code, it is not recommended to deposit any money.

caserandom com bonus promo code free skins

It is possible to open a free daily drop that will most likely give you a few cents for free. The requirements to open this case are very simple. Deposit 5 dollars and add to your steam name. The last method is to enter their giveaways. These are usually pretty huge but also very controversial and pretty shady.

Many people say that the winnings are not being paid and fake Twitter accounts have been busted for trying to convince people that they did indeed get their winnings. It is obviously free to enter so there is no risk involved but chances are you promote a scam site when retweeting, liking and sharing them on various social medias.


csgo case drop boxes skinsThere are not that many features besides their search tool and live counter.

The live counter shows opened cases and signed up users. It is most likely fake and copied directly from the Hellcase design. There are often big wins shown however the steam profiles of the winners are often private and inventories therefore are hidden. It all seems pretty sketchy and seems to serve more as a promotion rather than an actual tool.

Their search tool is honestly pretty unique and one of the only things about this website that truly seems like their own thing. You can look up pretty much any counter strike skin and it will show you the worth of it. The reason they have added this feature to their platform is because it also shows you in which case the skin can be found. It basically works as a promotion for their own case but it is undeniably a great idea and probably the most positive thing that the owners behind Caserandom have created.


caserandom com fees commissions house edge

Last but not least we have the fees. There is actually no fee playing so in theory that should be great. The only problem here is that just like Hellcase, they do not show the odds for each drop. This means you might, in reality, have 0 percent chance of profiting since there is no proof against this claim.

That is of course very problematic and just one of the many serious issues the service is currently facing. I cannot recommend you to play on such bad terms when odds are not shown. It should apply to any gambling platform that odds are public otherwise they probably have something to hide.


caserandom com pros consPros
–    Great search tool
–    Many different crates to be opened

–    Most of the design is a rip-off from other websites
–    Possible fake giveaways, not confirmed
–    Many people accusing them of scamming
–    Odds not shown
–    Fake live drops

I highly endorse you to stay away from the service unless you have won something big from our promo code. Withdrawing your winnings should work but there are serious claims of many other shady things and it is not something we promote. Be aware when using it, there are many better alternatives with good reputations.

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