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is casejump com legit? is a case opening site allowing users to unlock containers and claim CS:GO skins. They use most social medias but it is only Twitter and Steam that have above 1000 followers, other medias like Facebook, Instagram and VK have less than a thousand and this is most likely due to them not posting anything. They have had only 5 or 6 Facebook updates since early January when they launched and same goes for Instagram.

Their Twitter is pretty popular with above 6k followers and they are active here. Skins are given away monthly if not weekly, this is likely the reason they are so much more popular here compared to Facebook, Instagram, and VK. While the numbers are not impressive they are neither too bad and people seem to be getting their items, no complaints of missing skins from giveaways or such.

They score a whopping 41 % on Scamadviser which is very low compared to other case opening services. While this is no good it can be explained to a certain degree as they are a rather new company and the founder has decided to hide his identity. Both of these factors are big matters when reviewing a domain and the main reasons as to why the score is so low. It is a pretty low score none or the less and is a little worrying.

I have not been able to find any complaints on various forums or rating services. They do however seem to sponsor multiple smaller Youtubers as there are plenty of video material from decent popular channels promoting their service to the viewers. This is often a good indicator that the website is legit since most Youtubers are aware that if they promote frauds to their subscribers, they will most likely lose a lot of traffic and views.

The last thing worth mentioning is that they use G2A pay and that is actually quite hard to get. Most websites who use the G2A payment portal are not scams since they will need to be accepted by staff from G2A.

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casejump com bonuses promocode free coins

There are a few ways to get some free coins and the easiest by far is to use our CaseJump code CSGONINJA to get yourself $1 for free to test out their products. If you win something worth withdrawing, you will, unfortunately, have to deposit the minimum which is $5 in order to perform a cash out. This will also unlock certain features like Custom Cases and Daily Free.

casejump com bonus promo code free skins

Daily Free is actually the next spot on the list and basically allows users with minimum one deposit to test their luck each day for no cost. You can win anything from just 1 cent to a marvelous Flip Knife Fade or Flip Knife Tiger Tooth. The odds are obviously super low for such drops but who cares? It is free.

The third and final way to make some easy money is once again completely free but does require some luck. Simply by competing in the giveaways held by Casejump you will have a chance of winning awesome skins like the AWP Asiimov or even a Karambit Knife possibly. The odds for you to win are heavily stacked against you but as with the Daily Free, it is free, so you cannot really ask for better odds.

A little extra tip is to include in your Steam name. This will let you resell your winnings for an additional 1 percent, this is mostly useful for players planning to spend a lot of money.


casejump com fees commissions house edge

As with every other CS:GO case opening platform or just gambling brands in general, their only purpose is to generate an income for the founders and so does Casejump. While there are no hidden fees it is certain that you will not be paid back $1 in skins for each dollar invested. Since they show odds for all drops you can actually calculate the exact percentage being paid pack for each crate. Do not forget that you are paying with real money and receiving virtual pixels. These skins which you receive usually cannot be sold for more than 70% of their Steam market value if you were to get real money for them.


csgo case openning site skins

There are a bunch of features coming along with but nothing new or unique in any way. They have the notorious “LIVE DROP” bar showing what the players are opening. They have a statistic banner showing how many skins have been won for each category like Covert, Contraband, Classified etc. but also a total amount, which is currently just above 4.4 million skins.

As mentioned earlier they have an entire section for user created containers showing the most popular ones within the past 24 hours. You can make these cases yourself, but it requires a one-time deposit to unlock that feature.


casejumo com pros consPros

– Easy to get started
– Verified by G2A
– Hosting many giveaways


– The design is a little boring
– Deposit is required to withdraw
– Rarely ever posts on Instagram and Facebook

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