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As of today, there are still some websites who are misleading their users offering different CS:GO gambling services. Even though that Case2Skin claims that they are legit, there are some scam accusations coming from the users who were dealing with them. Today I’m going to review this platform and their legitimate status. Let’s get started by revealing to you some few scam cases I have found online against this website.

The first issue that I would like to reveal is from Reddit. A user named bigadr2607 posted that opening of CSGO cases is now available on this new website. There are four guys who replied to his post on Reddit. The first one said that is another rigged platform like the others. He added that the site itself isn’t faking the test spins after all. The other users claimed that the service is a pure scam without any evidence, which can be just a desperate statement of unlucky players.

On Youtube, there’s a legit review from a user named Ozzny. The title of his video was related to Hyper Beasts and that there are many of them while opening cases on It seems that he supports this platform as he includes his own partner link on the Youtube description. However, in his comments, the reactions are kind of mixed. A user named mani mcqueen replied that he got a Vulcan item on his 5th case, which is worth $3. Another one named JoosGames asked if this video was sponsored or not.

But a notable negative comment from red crucible stated that the OP lied in his video. He claimed that the OP has no Hyper Beasts that he received from his account. However, Ozzny replied him clarifying about the video he uploaded. He said that he did not receive as many Hyper Beasts to his account. He only said that there are a lot of these items that many of the players claimed. A user named WJTGaming said that his video is misleading about getting so many Hyper Beasts. In this case, he also misunderstood what the OP actually meant.

As I review these cases, it turns out that this is totally legitimate. If this is a fake or scam, the site should not be so popular right now. Until today, the platform is still online and a lot of players are still playing here and enjoying their time opening various CSGO cases to be withdrawn to their respective accounts.

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case2skin com bonuses promocode free money

As for the promo codes, there is no such feature to use them. Just use this link to register and you will be credited with the free money. They also offer multiple 5% deposit bonuses which can be used on your first deposit.


case2skin com fees commissions house edge

This is not a roulette or any betting related service. It’s just an unboxing website where you can redeem some CS:GO skins. How do they earn money? The odds of getting the most expensive item are usually much lower. There are more chances that you will get an item that will cost less than the box itself. But you need to understand that case opening is a form of gambling and you need to be extremely lucky to win money in the long run.


csgo skins cases open site

This platform gives you the opportunity to lock your favorite dream CSGO skins on the go. It means that you receive an option to modify the items inside the box you are about to open! The site’s interface looks sleek and awesome. Even if you do not log in, you can see its entire usability.

They don’t have a chat room section for you to socialize with other players here. But they have a unique raffle section where you can get a chance to win some of the coolest skins available by acquiring one or multiple tickets. For example, there’s a Tec-9 Nuclear Threat raffle that will cost you $0.20 per ticket and you can buy as many as you want to increase your chances of winning.


case2skin com pros cons

1 – Several payment options

What I really like about Case2Skin is their multiple payment options feature. They are using G2A Payments for accepting deposits coming from their registered users. Aside from G2A, they also accept payment processors such as Paypal and Skrill (I do have both) and standalone debit or credit cards.

2 – Great support center

I like their support center. Instead of contacting them directly with the email address, they are using a professional support ticket system. You just need to open a ticket regarding your questions and concerns and a representative will email you back. You can check the status of your ticket easily by going to the “Check Ticket Status” section.

1 – One week delay of receiving trade items

Based on their FAQs, it needs you to wait for at least a week before the item can be traded. However, there are some cases that they would let you sell skin right away. It means that their inventory is really poor.

Thank you so much for reading my review. I hope it’ll help you decide whether to give a shot or not.

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