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Is Case.club legit? Scam Skin Unboxing Service

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This is a very small CS:GO unboxing site that is almost completely anonymous when googling keywords related to this service. It is impossible to find any information about the Case.club what so ever and I must admit it seems a little if not a lot shady. The platform has a bad design and poorly translated English. It has a really ugly gray’ish color scheme that mostly looks like a bad stereotype of a scam service. There are only 10 possible cases to open all of them being complete standards such as “Random M4”, “Random Covert” etc. and the entire domain consist of one single frontpage with those few boxes and a deposit button.

For such a little and completely unknown website, I must admit it is pretty impressive when they show off a “live drop counter” that there has been to this day been opened over 2.2 million crates here. That is obviously fake, there is absolutely no way such an anonymous service has gotten this many boxes opened within such a short time without anyone noticing it. I mean, there are literally no articles or forums talking about it at all.
Below your steam profile picture is the “Last Purchases” which is a pretty standard thing for case opening services where they show off the best winnings currently. Funnily enough, it is only a few users who keep on winning sick items again and again. It gets even funnier when it is impossible to check those accounts steam inventories to see whether or not they have actually withdrawn those skins.

There is no chat on the template which is just another way to hide the lack of online users. I am almost certain that the “Last purchases” is rigged and within the 5 minutes I saw that 6 Bowie Knives | Tiger Tooth were unboxed from the “Covert Case”. A box that costs 7.99 $ just randomly dropped a +300 $ knife in 6 out of 10 occasions. I must admit the “players” here seem to be pretty lucky!

One thing I have talked about in my other reviews of this kind is the importance of social media activity. A big site with an active and popular Twitter account is almost certainly legit while Case.club has none of this. The only way to contact the people behind this service is by sending an email.

Honestly, this website just smells like scam and fraud to me. Just when typing the URL in the search bar and getting directed to the front and the only page of the domain it was clear something is wrong. It basically fails all criteria to prove the safety of a certain gambling service and I cannot recommend you to deposit any money to this site.

I can almost guarantee you that this is a scam and that you will either not receive your credits, not being able to withdraw or just get the absolute worst possible drop from whatever case you might decide to open. I do highly believe that they use fake bots and drops to mislead their users into believing they will win the same.

This platform is one of the best examples of a fraudulent website I have seen in a long time. Fake bots, fake drops, extremely graphical bad design and poor English. I cannot under any circumstance recommend you to deposit money to Case.club – Do yourself a favor and stay away from it.

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