is vpgame com legit?

Is legit? Great Site for Skin Betting

is vpgame com legit?

VPGame is by far one of the biggest skin betting websites ever since the closure of CSGOLounge. One of the main reasons for their huge popularity is the system which they use, that is rather similar to the one CSGOLounge used where you bet skins on a match and if you win, you will get your own item back plus some profit. They have proven their legitimacy and they have a good reputation. The site is available in Chinese as well as English and at first sight, it might look a little shady since most people for obvious reasons do not understand the language, however, this is easily fixed by clicking the flag in the in the top right corner and change it to the British flag, Union Jack.

Besides being a betting bookie, VPGame also offers multiple community services like creating tournaments for particular games and letting users host their own little events. They have a huge data pool collecting information from past events held within the big game titles like CS:GO and Dota 2 but also more advanced filters like picks and bans for Dota for an example. There is also market available where users can sell and buy stuff from each and another if that is what they want to do.

VPGame have their own news section where articles are usually revolving around either huge eSports news or upcoming changes to website’s system or any other kinds of updates. A hub is a place for players to casually gamble their skins for both Dota 2 and CS:GO and while this is in fact pure gambling, it is not as popular as their match betting functions.

I will admit that some parts of VPGame’s site can be hard to completely get to know as not everything has been translated into English yet. They can look a bit messy and at first sight, the template is not the best I have yet to see. This is however made to shame by their effective system and smooth functions. They are 100 % legit and I can guarantee you, that your winnings will be paid out accordingly to the results. This is a great site for skin betting and is one of the biggest players on the market to this date.

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vpgame com bonuses promocodes free money

As for the free coins, there are not so many options. Streamers and bloggers sometimes give away free rolls in order to gain new followers and getting more popular. This is pretty much the only free items you will be given as there is no mainstream affiliate system, but the free rolls are also incredibly popular. As of today, more than 36.000 giveaways have been held by individuals for the community and VPGame also once in a while hosts giveaways themselves.


vpgame com fees commissions house edgeThere is no house edge on the games to be played. The odds are just like with any other gambling service or match bookie fixed in a way so that the owners will eventually make the profit over time. One thing that is a bit special when it comes to the payouts of your winnings, is the fact that they use the exact same system as the ever glory CSGOLounge which means the skins you will be awarded are almost worth your win but might not be entire.

Let’s say for an example that you bet $100 on Team A to win against Team B at odds 1.76, in this case, if Team A wins you might not get exactly 176 dollars back but rather 175.8 or even a little above. This is due to the fact that they only pay back in skins so if there are no items that add up perfectly then the amount will be a little different. For people betting large sums, this is not as much of a problem as for people betting very small amounts at once. It is obviously easier to hit exactly 200 dollars precisely than let’s say $1.28 as this would require a lot of smaller skins and just 10 cents would percentage wise be a big difference.


esports match betting service

There are honestly so many features coming along with VPGame that one article wouldn’t be enough to thoroughly describe them all so instead we will just be focusing on the ones related to CS:GO match betting for now. To find these bets click the Games button in the top center of your screen and select CS:GO as your preferred game title. From here you can either choose Upcoming, Live or Recent and it is pretty self-explanatory, despite the name Recent you can find settled games going back quite a long time.

The most important thing when betting here is the importance of understanding exactly how the odds work and of course how to even get your items eligible for wagering. This is easily done by hovering your mouse over the My VP found in the top right corner and selecting My Inventory. You will then hit the Steam Inventory and select CSGO Inventory. For cheap skins or ones with a very unstable price, chances are you cannot bet them due to their inflation. You can check this by clicking on the item which you wish to bet and if it says Can Not Game then it is not possible to bet this specific skin.

After depositing the stuff that you can afford to lose, go to Games > CSGO and click the game for which you want to put skins on. From here select the winning condition that you like for an example Team A to win with a handicap of -1.5 maps or so and then click the CS:GO Item Predict, if you have done previous steps correctly your items should be shown here and available to be placed on the chosen winning condition.
Please note that odds might shift heavily so either wait until close to starting point or be prepared for the odds to change.


vpgame com pros cons

– Legit website
– Smooth system

– Lack of translation

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