is unikrn com legit?

Is legit? Win Free Skins Without a Deposit!

is unikrn com legit? is not really a match betting service. They mentioned themselves in their post on Reddit in which they made their launch official that they wish to give players the rush to win but remove the stress to lose. It is actually a rather nice thought and platforms based on such idea has recently risen quite dramatically in popularity. Unikrn works by crediting users with “koins” simply by daily logging in, watching streams, playing games and winning bets. The coins do not hold an actual value but can be spent to buy tickets which can then be entered into certain giveaways hosted by the staff. This is a super great idea and basically, means everyone got a chance to win something for free.

From my research, I haven’t found any evidence of fraud or misleading their users so that is great. At first sight, it might seem a bit sketchy that they are just giving away skins for free but the way they earn their money is by drawing viewers to the shown streams. They will then be paid a little amount for each viewer they attract and that money can then be used to buy skins for giveaways. It all goes around in one circle without costing the users a single penny.

I personally think it is a great concept and I like the fact that you can bet those coins too. No one can argue that it makes a game of professional Counter Strike GO way more intense if you have bet on it, so even though you might not win their giveaways you still get to watch just a bit more exciting games. It obviously sucks to lose, it always does and there is no doubt about that, luckily there is not much to be worried about when playing here as you have not in fact lost anything so the concept kind of removes that part of betting which is great.

I do not have this entirely confirmed but they stated in their launch post that celebrities such as the famous actor Ashton Kutcher have sponsored them and invested in the company. I do not have proof for this claim but if it is true it certainly adds to their credibility. The company behind is fairly new but have no accusations against them, they have a clean background and everything looks just fine.

Besides their match betting page, they also have their own streaming service and online eSports news.

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bonuses unikrn com promocodes free moneyThere are loads of ways to earn free coins since the entire concept is about giving away free skins to the most active and lucky users. Simply by signing up to their program, you will be awarded 10 of the currency “koins” and another 25 coins which is your daily bonus, this bonus will gradually rise if you keep on logging in on a daily basis to reach higher streaks.

By connecting your profile of whatever game you prefer to play; CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2 and Rocket League, you will be earning some coins for each game played no matter if you lose or win. This is a nice little bonus and can be used simply by casually playing your favorite games.

The raffles are everything. This is what it all comes down to and where to spend your “koins”. There are always some decent skins up for giveaways and those will then be sent to the winner after a fixed period of time. One ticket cost a set amount of “koins” and it is then up to you how many you would like to buy depending on your balance. Each ticket will give you a higher chance of winning the grand prize and for some of the smaller items, you can honestly get a pretty good shot at winning.

Items for the other listed games are also given away once in a while but it is mostly CS:GO skins to be won at since those are usually the most popular ones.


unikrn com fees commissions house edge

There is definitely no house fee since there is no money from the users involved. Everything is 100 % free so no fees to be found at but the odds are made so you will lose some “koins” on average if you keep on playing. They will usually pay back around 90 % of the “koins” placed on a match but that is largely outnumbered by a number of free credits the players get simply by daily logging in and playing games.


esports csgo betting site skins is in itself a very unique feature and the entire concept is something we have not seen too much of until lately where it has started to pop off. is another great example of a company who uses the same system and they have grown a lot in the past weeks too.

As for any other features, they have their own entire newsfeed where they post articles about professional tournaments held, roster changes and updates to the most popular games but also eSports as a whole. The articles are of great quality and focus a lot on some of the political aspects of the scene and how it progresses, those could be articles about the acceptance of eSports as a sport and much more.

They have their own streaming platform from which many important games are played but often also smaller streams are hosted in between. The stream is most likely one of their income sources as they can be paid by sponsors for creating attention about certain events or tournaments.


unikrn com pros cons is a great and fairly new product. They enable the players to win free skins without having to lose their own money.


–    Nice and smooth design
–    No deposits required
–    Everything is free
–    Great giveaways
–    Also, has a news section
–    Dedication streaming channel


–    Fairly hard to win something as the competition is rather high

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6 years ago

I won an awp graphite their . They said that i will get a trade offer within 2 days but its already 3 days but i got nothing

Dipesh Sharma
Dipesh Sharma
6 years ago
Reply to  Ankush

You got the Jackpot or not? Because even i won M4A4 Dragon King and they said they’ll trade in 2 day working days but it has been 5 day since the winner announcement but still i haven’t received the skin.