is thunderpick com legit?

Is Thunderpick legit? Get Bonus for Esports Match Betting

is thunderpick com legit?

Thunderpick is a match-betting service that lets users bet on mainly CS:GO pro games but also other eSports such as LoL, OW, Dota2 and many more if you are interested. It focuses on deposits and withdraws through either Steam’s trading system or Bitcoins. There are a few other payment portals that can be used but it is mainly BTC or CS:GO skins. Thunderpick is a legit product and is a verified match-betting instance, this means it is under strict laws. This is due to the fact, that real cash is involved and it is good for us, the players.

Usually, sites that are purely based on CS:GO items are a bit riskier to use since they are not seen by the government as actual gambling platforms and therefore won’t have to fulfill the requirements for those. This means that many scams are happening on a daily basis and it can be pretty hard to know whether or not you can trust a service. is very different from those as it is fully legal but this does also mean, that you will need identity papers to verify you as an adult before you can withdraw. It is a big problem that underaged kids can gamble away $1000 on these unregulated sites because of CS:GO weapons but luckily Thunderpick is not a part of this unfortunate tendency.

From other people’s experience, I can confirm that withdrawing is done correctly without any problems. Deposits are going through smoothly and it just generally works very well. The Counter Strike GO weapons are bought directly from their shop and will be sent to you through trade offers instantly or at least within 5 minutes. Withdraws to Skrill, Neteller and Bitcoin might take some hours or few days depending on the amount requested but you can be sure to get your money paid as fast as possible.

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thunderpick com bonuses promocodes free moneyThere are only 3 ways to get some free credits to try out Thunderpick without depositing a single cent. You can start by entering our code 26365 under the “Free coins” tab. This will give you 50 coins which are equal to 50 cents. You can earn another 10 cents per day simply by adding their URL to your Steam name and manually collect it every 24 hours.

thunderpick com bonus promo code free coins

If you have a lot of fans on social medias or just being quite popular on certain forums it might be worth getting your own referral code. This will give you a certain amount each time your referrals make a deposit or bet on the site. It can be very rewarding for Youtubers or such but not a very stable income for less known individuals.


thunderpick com fees commissions house edge

There is no direct house commission but they will earn back roughly 10% of the money played in their games. This is due to the fact that a simple fifty-fifty game has only 1.9 odds for both teams. This is a fairly low commission as many other supplies take up to 15%.


esports betting serviceThere are loads of cool features here and one of these is the insane amount of betting options. You can literally bet on every single round when the bomb is going to be planted, when the first AWP kill of the game will happen and so on. This means that there is a big diversity to your bets and it can certainly pop up the experience just a bit. It is also very important to note that the odds for each team are calculated on a number of people who bet on them. It is basically one big prize pool and therefore the probabilities are not being fixed by the developers.

The bad thing about this is that the odds are always shifting until the game starts, however, the positives are that it can be much easier to scout good betting options if a team has a large fanbase. Popular teams might tend to get low odds because a lot of fans bet on them and this can be used to your own benefit.

It is really great to see they have implemented a chat room to let users discuss their bets. This is a great tool to get some help from and can be very useful. Just remember that there are people who will try to make you bet on the bad team in order to give them better probability so always think logically before doing anything.

The support staff is super great. They normally answer within maximum 5 minutes and can help you with pretty much anything that bugs your mind. It is super good compared to the other services where it might take days to get a proper answer.

Thunderpick gives the users a lot of tools to prevent non-responsible gambling including professional help and alarms to help you control your money and keep track of your losses. It is really cool to see that they have focused on this issue and something other services could learn a lesson from.


thunderpick com pros consPros
–    Great and welcoming support staff
–    Legit CS:GO match betting platform
–    Focus on gambling addictions and strives to fight those
–    Multiple ways to withdraw
–    Many betting options

–    Odds can shift until game starts
–    Withdrawal to PayPal would be a nice option

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