is nitrogensports eu legit?

Is NitrogenSports legit? Bitcoin Only Esports Bookie

NitrogenSports is a match betting platform however they do also offer Poker and many different casino games. They have successfully combined Las Vegas with an online bookie and kept everything nice and tidy so it really is the best of two worlds combined (if you like gambling of course). NitrogenSports main focus is to allow the users to stay anonymous. This is first and foremost done by only allowing Bitcoins to be deposited and withdrawn which makes the platform one of only a few sportsbooks to only operate with Bitcoin currency. This obviously has its upsides as well as some downsides.

It can be rather annoying the fact that you are unable to deposit through any other payment gate but besides that, the upsides are many. You will remain 100 % anonymous while doing your own business, this is, of course, great if you don’t want people to know that you are actively gambling. The consequences of this are that scammers or people who have in some way or another stolen money from a person can freely use that money without getting caught as there are no restrictions at all and neither any information given out. The other thing that is worth noticing is that transaction fees by using Bitcoins are way lower if not nonexistent compared to the traditional payment platforms like Skrill and PayPal.

As for the pure legitimacy of the site I can say that NitrogenSports seems very legit. I have not been able to find anything but nice posts about them and certainly no posts where people actually accused them of cheating or scamming them. Nitrogen Sports have been so thoughtful to help new customers get started with their site and Bitcoins in general to avoid any misunderstandings whatsoever. The guides are very thorough and explain everything that you will need to know before starting to use the service.

The official social media accounts are looking well great and have decent amounts of followers. They look very legit and they even have their entire own dedicated subreddit for those who would be interested in such thing.

I cannot stress how important Nitrogen Sports value the ability to stay anonymous and this is for sure their number one argument for getting new users. Your account will be limited to almost no personal information and it only requires a username, password and a Bitcoin address to get started – no ID, passport and so on.

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nitrogensports eu bonuses  promocodes free money

There is some free cash to be made simply by betting. There are held monthly jackpots and the top players within the 3 categories Heavyweight, Middleweight and Featherweight will be greatly awarded. It is the top 7 players in these categories who will get their share of the pie and all it requires from you is to bet actively. Free bets are randomly given out at special occasions and those are basically bets with no risk involved. (If you lose that one nothing happens and if you win it, well congratulations!)

Survivor pool is a decently unique feature and there are both free and paid ones. You can join the pool for free and have a chance of winning 0.5 BTC which is actually a lot of money. In order to win you will be picking the right teams until no one else is alive.

There are unfortunately no signup bonuses available at the time but it would be greatly appreciated if you would help us by signing up through our affiliated link as this goes to help the further improvement of our site and articles in the future.


nitrogensports eu fees commissions house edge

There no fees when depositing or withdrawing which is one of the great things about Bitcoin. The odds are obviously made so the house always wins in the end but this should come as no surprise. As for their casino games, the house edge varies depending on what you play and it is actually possible to profit from poker since you will be playing against the players by the house, not against the house.


csgo dota 2 lol starcraft king of glory betting service btc

There are a bunch of features but the most remarkable of them is the ability to stay unknown. It is pretty crazy how little information they require from you and this is probably the most extreme I have seen out of all betting services. It is super nice that they help users create a Bitcoin address themselves as this might not be something everyone knows how to do.

I would still though, recommend you to find another platform if you have no experience with Bitcoins at all since it is rather complex and much different from traditional systems. A number of games you can place bets on are just insane as they have more than 15 other sports besides eSports those counting everything from Soccer to Mixed Martial Arts, Cricket, and Handball. If you are just a sports-lover, in general, this is the place for you as I do not know sportsbooks with a bigger variety of available genres.

Survivor pools is a very unique feature which I have not seen anywhere else. It is a special game that is played between multiple users where everyone pays an entry fee and the winner takes it all. This can be much fun and very profitable for good bettors. The game works by asking you to pick the winning team of some random matches and as long as you keep guessing right you will stay in the game. As soon as you answer incorrect, you will be eliminated from the chance to win the grand prize. It is a game versus the other users, not the house and whoever survives the longest by not getting eliminated will be the winning person.

NitrogenSports has an official blog where they post loads of useful information, this includes guides to help you understand Bitcoins better and often free bets on special occasions.


nitrogensports eu pros cons

– Easy to stay anonymous
– Free jackpots
– Odds favoring the house
– Only Bitcoins are accepted

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