is nano bet legit?

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is neno bet legit? is a match bookie mainly focusing on professional CS:GO games and tournaments but they do also support popular titles such as Dota 2, Overwatch and Hearthstone. They have a decent layout and the design looks pretty legit from the viewers’ point of view. It is unique which tells me that they have not just copied it from another platform or bought a cheap sample. This is always a great piece of information when deciding whether a gambling platform or eSports bookie is legit and so far, they have passed the first test.

A great tool to check their legitimacy is our dear friend Google. It is great to find out what other people’s experiences with a product have been like. In this case, I have not been able to find any negative comments revolving around or any of their services, in fact, many videos are posted on Youtube showing off the website. It is unknown to me how many of those are sponsored or not, but it is always great to see some publicity stunt at all. At least this means they take care of their product and do theirs to promote it, most scam sites most likely will never get partnerships with any Youtube channels simply because it would be bad publicity for that person.

They score and unfortunate 0 -37 % safety on Scamadviser which is quite honestly very disappointing. This is mostly because of their newly bought domain but also because of the fact, that the owner is unknown.

Another rather disappointing thing is their live chat. This chat is only unlocked after depositing which means theoretically every user in the chat should be able to withdraw without any further ado. This does not seem like the case as a few people are bargaining over not being able to pull out any skins and one person even claiming to not be paid for his bet. Whether or not these statements are true, they are most certainly not of a positive character and does hurt’s legitimacy a bit.

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nano bet bonuses promocodes free skins

The only way to receive free money is by using our code onetime, this will award you with half a coin worth 50 cents of CS:GO skins. It is a onetime offer so spend them wisely. If you win big and want to withdraw your winnings, there are a few limitations as it is required for every user to deposit at least $3 worth of skins before it is possible to withdraw anything from their inventories. This is to prevent everyone from just claiming their free money rather than playing by their service.

There is one more way to get some extra credits however this is not a free method but an additional bonus. It is a 5% deposit bonus which means any amount you put into your balance will be multiplied by 1.05 before credited to you. Chances are that the bonus is a limited time offer only so if you are interested, act fast.


nano bet fees commissions house edge

The house edge when playing on is actually crazy low comparing to other websites. With a whopping 4%, they completely smash any other service or platform out there. Most sites have fifteen or even a twenty percent cut so four percent is absolutely nothing compared to those numbers.

This is however not the entire truth as these fees are fixed. At first sight, you might think that four percent is crazy low and trust me, it is. That is just not the case for as this is only the house edge before any bet what so ever are placed on a game. Odds change as players put money on their respective teams and you will, therefore, experience shifting odds all the time. It seems like the house edge is drastically changed as soon as bets are placed, and this is a little worrying.


esports match betting cs go doata hearthstone

One of the nice features, as you can read in the official FAQ section, is that you can change sides until two minutes before the game is about to start. You cannot cancel any bets but being able to switch sides is still very important as odds might shift heavily when players put large sums on teams.

They have an account page where your past bets are stored as well as previous transactions. It is a nice tool to have if you want to calculate your total profit or loss but cannot be used for much else.


nano bet pros cons

– Free code 27009 and bonus on deposit
– Multiple games
– Very low amount of players
– People bargaining in chat but do not get answered
– Requires deposit before withdrawing
– House edge changes as people start to bet on a game looks very nice at first sight but has its flaws. There are many suspicious elements when checking whether they are legit, and we cannot guarantee the safety of using their service. Deposits are at your own risk and cannot be recommended.

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