is gg bet legit?

Is legit? Real Cash Match Betting

is gg bet legit?

This is a match betting platform that operates with real cash only. It launched in the middle of 2016 and initially was fully focused on esports only. Later the company started to expand the number of features the website can offer: nowadays you can also bet on real sports and play various mini games. Esports is still the core business area for GG.Bet, which is proved by the fact that the company continues to sign partnership agreements with various top-level esports organizations, such as Natus Vincere and Team Secret.

There were several sticky situations which damaged the website’s reputation. One of which happened around a year ago, which all got started by a Reddit post and it was about a guy who was unable to withdraw his money after using a promotion code. To put it short, the user was not able to withdraw his money due to some unobvious rules connected to the bonus money – namely in order to withdraw bonus money you need first to wager a specific amount of money, also if you use both your real money and bonus money for the same bet than your real money is converted to bonus money. The user admitted himself that he didn’t read the terms and conditions but argued that the rules were counter-intuitive and got support from the community. Even in such an unpleasant situation GG.Bet staff deserved at least some credit – they swiftly reached the public and explained the situation from their perspective. In short, the users who suffered from this issue were compensated but at the same time the representatives of the company stressed that every action was taken according to their rules. The conclusion from this situation is very simple – as with any service, be sure to check terms and conditions, especially if you are going to use real money. Even if you think you know how something is supposed to work, in reality it may work in an unexpected way.

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gg bet bonuses promo code free skinsAs just mentioned, has a lot of bonuses and free money. Using our code Ninja you can get 100% deposit bonus up to $50.

There are lots of active bonuses and multiple can be claimed. Most of them consist of either free bets (You will get your bet refunded if you lose it) or bonus money. It is crucial that you read the terms and conditions before joining these promotions as earlier experiences go to show that the owner is not 100 % reliable.


gg bet fees commissions house edgeThere is no really any direct house fee but it is guaranteed that their profit margin is huge and it is very likely they won’t pay more than ~70 cents back per dollar played on their games and matches.


cs go match betting serviceAs for features, is a mix between pure gambling and match betting on various eSports. While having bets for both Dota 2, LoL and CS:GO where all the biggest games are playable, they do also have more than 50 versions of various games based on roulette, dice, casino and whatever you might imagine is in a real casino. They seem to be focusing a lot on this part since a number of games are so high.

They have their own little news section where everything new or changed about the design or system will be posted and shared with all users. They also have a very detailed history where you can see all applied bonuses, rewards, bets, data, balance and a deposit / withdraw system.


gg bet pros consPros

–    Many options for deposit and withdraw
–    Detailed history
–    Many bonuses


–    Some rules may be not obvious
–    Support may take a long time to answer

The odds are actually pretty decent compared to other betting platforms, unfortunately, some users also argue that sometimes support, although stated to work 24/7, may take long to answer.

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