is esporbet com legit?

Is Esporbet Legit? Promising E-sportsbook with a Bonus

is espor bet com legit?

Esporbet is somewhat a newer kid on the block in esports betting. It has less than a year on its belt as where it stands. At first glance, they are using the same cookie cutter templates that most betting sites utilize down to the panels. Nothing strikes me as unique in this particular sportsbook aside from them having a case opening section, which other esports services, mainly the one catering to Counter Strike:Global Offensive utilizes.

The site is most likely owned by Chinese businessmen as their primary target is Counter Strike. Although the business address is registered at London with a Chinese named registered owner. The platform has been running for 220 days.

Given the less than a year maturity date of the site, it seems that they are very active in the Counter Strike scene as they have a tournament, which targets semi-professional teams and also amateur teams alike. Hosting minor competitions such as these add more credibility to their organization, as they are able to host an event such as this. Even with a low prize pool, it seemed to attract a lot of potential and budding amateurs to try their chops on Counter Strike.

The tournament they hosted was an online event with a prize pool of $2,000 and was mainly open to European semi-professional and amateur esports teams. The tournament went off without a hitch and thus they have been included in a lot of eSports publications.

Because of that, they have been featured in major eSports publication due to their Promo Cup. Publications such as HLTV and Liquipedia, which are go-to sites for Counter Strike fanatics and even on GosuGamers which encompasses all major and minor eSports tournaments. Being included in these sites brings them more people to their platform to play as their competition has a recent success.

I also did some investigating on the betting side of Esporbet and happily, I did not find anything incriminating about their practices. The lack of bad reviews or bad comments about the site only says one thing, that they know how to please their customers to the point of even resolving minor issues hence it never comes up.

They even have a live support chat built in on the site and I have to say that their live support representatives are eager to help and happy to point you in the right direction. I tried talking to their live support and asked some questions and I was happy with the answers that I got. This brings it again to their excellent practice of keeping their customers happy.

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esporbet com bonus promo code free coinsEsporbet offers a welcome bonus of 25% on your first initial deposit. All you need to enter is the bonus code ESPOR1 on your first deposit. To be able to get the bonus, you must deposit a minimum of 20 USD to be eligible for it.

esporbet com bonus promo free money


esporbet com margin house edgeThey take a small percentage on all bets made. They work just like any other sports bookie in which you play against another player when they bet against your team. The odds are displayed before you even start to bet based on the popularity of the players or the teams and also their recent win-loss record. More established teams will get lower odds when they play against a no-name team. If the teams are about even, the odds are even as well.


csgo dota2 lol vain of glory smite bets btc cryptoEsporbet is easy to use. It is a matter of just clicking on a match you want to bet on. The odds are displayed outright and it is fairly easy to understand even for beginners. They also offer case openings like I said but their cases are only applicable to CS:GO.

They are also hosting giveaways by giving away AWP Dragon Lores, AK 47 Fire Serpents and some Tec 9’s. Joining these giveaways are fairly easy to do as you just need to link your YouTube, Google+ and also Instagram to get entries for them.

Some of the banners are in Turkish or in Russian since that is their primary market of gamblers. On further inspection, however, they do support multiple language translations such as Turkish, Chinese, Spanish and Deutsch.

They do offer multitudes of matches to bet on ranging from CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL, Starcraft, Overwatch and even to mobile games. This is a good thing to be included though as Vain Glory and Clash Royale are two of the biggest mobile games that’s currently being played.

They even carry games such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Crossfire which fell out of favor a long time ago in esports matches but are still existent.

What’s more is that they not only carry majors but also minor tournaments to bet in globally. They do not stick to just the European teams but from what I have seen, they also carry events from Asia, South America, and North America. The payouts on these matches are fairly huge but you have to do diligent research on the teams before committing to them though.

Aside from the multitude of games and the case opening that they offer, they also offer many more betting modes such as parlay.


esporbet com pros consAs usual, there are always pros and cons that come with these types of sites. Based on this, feel free to decide if the platform is right for you or not to bet in, but in my opinion, with their recent success of the Promo Cup and the lack of bad reviews, they are a good site to bet in.

• Accepts a lot of currencies for depositing including bitcoin
• No bad reviews were written about them
• Live support is helpful
• Case opening section
• Fair and even odds
• Carries mobile games such as Clash Royale and Vain Glory
• Can cash out to a lot of methods as well such as Skrill, PaySafeCard and the likes
• Language support
• Was included in GosuGamers and Liquipedia
• Offers gear giveaways

• Minimum deposit is $20
• Less than a year old
• Some banners are not readable due to it being Turkish or Russian
• Expensive prices for the cases

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