is egb com legit?

Is legit? Reputable Esports Betting Website

is egb com legit?

This is a well-known eSports betting site that uses real cash. It has a pretty good reputation but with some flaws to it. Withdrawals and deposits usually work fine but there are instances where they offer very poor support and delivery time for your cashouts. EGB has been up for quite some time and is pretty popular due to its many features including a very unique bonus system that lets you obtain some extra cash or even gaming gear.

Despite being 100 % legit I do have a few things to say about their politics and way of doing business. First, they do not do age verification. I myself used to gamble a lot here while being a minor and have lost a lot of money in the past. EGB staff simply doesn’t care, they know people are underaged but why would they care – more users equal greater profit.

I am in no way trying to accuse them of engaging minors to gamble but it is neither legal to allow them to play on your platform for real money. This is certainly a problem that should be fixed immediately, however, I highly doubt it will. They do not get any extra credits for this policy and way of doing this.

Withdrawing is possible but I myself have had a bit of a troubling experience with their support staff. After winning some of what had been lost back in the past, I wished to convert this money to my Mastercard. While they stated at the current time being, it would take up to a maximum of a week, nothing happened after 2 weeks. I messaged the support staff multiple times but only unnecessary answers were given to me once a week and after 2 months I simply gave up withdrawing and guess what – quickly lost it all within days.

It was later found out, that a problem had occurred with their bank transfers which was the reason for the long waiting time but in fact, they would have canceled it themselves, had I not done it. This goes to show that their co-workers are not as useful and helpful as they should be and it is in my opinion nowhere ok to let customers wait more than 2 months, just to cancel the request for withdrawing.

While EGB is a legit company, these 2 incidents just go to show, that there are indeed flaws within their system and you should always be patient when contacting support, because waiting times are long.

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egb com bonuses promocode free moneyThere are lots of ways to get free money, however, most of them require you to actively place bets yourself and sort of works as a cashback program. Deposit bonuses are also a frequent thing to get and those can be achieved either by using our promocode 698372 or looking out for official promotion codes by EGB that are launched under special circumstances like big events.

For every $1 you bet on singles or expresses your account will be rewarded with 10 points. After collection a lot of these points you can then turn them in for specific rewards counting actual cash, potential cash and gamer gear like top tier Razer headsets, keyboards and many other brands. While the real cash costs 1.000 per $1 the potential cash is much more valuable. If you are looking to be betting a lot of money on EGB this should be your go-to choice.

You can buy potentially $100 for 11.700 points which is more than 10x the value when buying coins directly. These bonuses will be given to you whenever you collect a certain amount of new coins. For an example when buying the $100 bonus, for each 10.000 points collected afterward, you will get $20 and after collecting 50.000 points the entire bonus will be cashed in.

These new points should be used to buy new bonuses and this way it is actually possible to make a crap of money and actually just going neutral with your bets result in profit overall because of the bonuses. The crucial part here is that bonuses stack so it can be very rewarding.


egb com fees commissions house edgeThe house edge is pretty big on EGB being around 15%. This is not a direct house edge but by the odds they offer you, they will end up with 15% of all bets done as their profit. This is quite a lot and the reason why bonuses are so crucial if you want to make money in the long run.


esports betting service csgo lol smite dota2 starcraftThere are a bunch of features but the biggest one is by far the bonus system. Since I have already covered this thoroughly there is no need to talk about it once more.

The ‘guess who’ game mode lets a bunch of players bet $1 into one big pot. You will be given pictures of professional players from the eSport you chose, pick the right guy and you will get another picture. The person who gets the most points will win the entire thing and get all the money. I would highly recommend you to stay away from it as it is nothing but a waste of money. The game is somewhat broken and a few players cheat and win every time.

They have their own app which comes nice and handy when being on the phone but other than that it does not have anything special to it.

There are 4 categories of bets; simple bets (singles), expresses, live and tournament picks. All of them but expresses are pretty self-explanatory while expresses are just combos consisting of multiple singles. If one of them fails, the entire express fails.


egb com pros consPros
–    Legit with decent reputation
–    Many eSports available
–    Bonuses very rewarding if used correctly

–    Letting minors play
–    Bad support system
–    Personal bad experiences with customer services (might not apply to all cases)
–    Odds are pretty bad

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