is cybbet com legit?

Is legit? Real Money Esports Bookie

is cybbet com legit?

CybBet is a real money betting bookie and offers playable matches for mainly CSGO and Dota, less popular game titles are included in case of bigger events but those are a little more rare. CybBet allows CS:GO skins as well as real cash for deposit so if you are looking to trade your valuable skins for some actual money, you might want to check them out.

The founders of the company are Russian and their social media accounts are mainly posting in Russian with a few exceptions. They are not huge on Twitter with only a few hundred followers but Facebook and VK are looking decent.

They score an amazing 100 % safety rate on Scamadviser which is the highest I have yet to see any match betting bookie have. They seem to have a very good reputation and the upvotes and positive comments are many, their ratings are great and people generally seem to be enjoying the service given.

The legitimacy of the domain should be also certain, there are absolutely no signs of danger and the cons are many – CybBet looks great and ready to be your next match bookie.

The only criticism there is to be said, and this is a very small one, are the promotional pictures for their various bonuses. They all give some information about either a bonus or way to make money and are followed up by a half-naked girl to get your attention. While this is no biggie and seen ever so often, it feels like a bit of a cheap shot at promoting their services and does not fit very well with the rest of the design.

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cybbet com bonuses promocodes free moneyThere are 2 bonuses at the moment followed up by our code which will award you with 150 CM’s which can be converted directly into actual dollars on the site. The first bonus is a 100 % deposit reward and only applies to your first ever transaction from a new account. The rollover is 20 which means your accumulate wagers must exceed 20 times your initial deposit in order to claim the extra 100 %. It is a requirement that all bets placed are above odds 1.5 otherwise they will not be counted towards unlocking the bonus. You have only 30 days to fulfill these goals and if you fail to do so, you cannot claim the extra money. In my opinion, those restrictions are way too hard counting the fact that you only have 30 days and they are much more requiring than what most other betting bookies offer to recent users.

The other bonus is rather hard to obtain but it is simply a free bet for every 100 bet placed. At first, this might sound like a huge plus and your initially thought is probably to play low and max that 1 bet, am I right? Unfortunately, the people behind CybBet are no fools and the system works by calculating your average bet amount and this will be the value of the 101st free bet. In theory, this means high rollers will profit more than less fortunate people but because of the fixed odds, everyone will lose in the long term.

By your 101st bet, chances are you have already lost even more than acquired. It is worth it to mention that they don’t quite just give you the money to place one bet for free. Only the costs in case you lose will be replaced (no more than your average bet, anything above that will be at your own cost) but this also means if you win the bet, they have not actually paid you anything. It should be seen as a bet with no risks of losing, not additional money – CybBet does also correctly refer to this bonus as such, a free bet.


cybbet com fees commissions house edgeThe only house edge is the way their odds work. Odds are made to benefit the owners no matter what and you have to be extremely skilled or lucky to break a profit from using their service. The edge is roughly 15 % as a complete fifty-fifty game will be represented by odds 1.85 for both teams. Other than this there are no house edges or fees. This does not include external fees like transaction ones, currency exchange or such things when depositing money to your balance.


esports match betting service csgo lol dota 2 king of glory vainglory starcraftThey have a lot of great features one of them being the lottery. Here players can spend their Cyber Money to have a chance of winning nice CS:GO skins. That Cyber Money can either be bought at the rate of 1000 for a dollar, won by betting CM or inviting friends to the website, you will also get 50 a day for participating. These coins work both ways around so you can both buy them using your real money balance and sell them to add value to your withdrawable balance.

Depending on your local time zone you might find the digital clock in the top right corner very useful as you can change the time zone for which upcoming games should be shown in, this is great if you do not want to miss certain games because you misunderstood when the game was supposed to start. Right next to the timer you will find a box saying “Decimal”, this is your current way of showing odds. Clicking it will show you 3 options available and each will represent your odds in a different way, the 3 formats are Decimal, American and Fractional.


cybbet com pros consPros
– Very legit and has a great reputation
– House edge is just about if not a little lower than average bookie
– Risk-free bets and deposit bonus
– Lottery
– Their own news section covering CS:GO, Dota 2 and other interesting topics

– The requirements to claim your first cash in are super tough
– The design is super simple but not that eye catching and attractive

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